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As Italian pasta and innovative sushi roll out of the kitchens, a riot erupts from the paparazzi on the doors. The most famous restaurants in Los Angeles and surroundings, declaring the presence of a famous person in the building. This is the routine of some establishments in the “City of Angels”, the area marked by the stars of Hollywood and music.

The city focuses on a variety of cuisines that travel through the most diverse cuisines, with modern chefs and exquisite dishes. But anyone who thinks stars order thousands of dollars worth of meals in luxurious mansions is wrong: their favorite restaurant in Rihanna in a Santa Monica Serve the ravioli with asparagus for $ 23e Access point from Justin beiber NS Kylie Jenner In West Hollywood, they have homemade burgers starting at $ 22.

The facades of the premises can be discreet, but they hide kitchens that satisfy the (demanding) tastes of celebrities. with waiting By opening the borders of the United States To vaccinate Brazilian tourists, check out the most famous celebrity addresses in angels Who knows you might meet him? Kim Kardashian At the next table?


Rigatoni and parmigiana were served at Craig’s, a “typical American” restaurant in West Hollywood (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

The gray facade and the elegant circular awning that bears the name “Craig’s” indicate that there, at 8826 Melrose Street, in the famous district of West Hollywood, one of the Restaurants The most visited by the elite of the city. The restaurant calls itself “American Restaurant”, where traditional peasant dishes are served, such as pizza, pasta, chicken, fish and salads.

Among some of the highlights, the dinner menu includes the classic Caesar salad ($ 19), meatballs for appetizers ($ 16), Margherita pizza ($ 20), shrimp pasta ($ 38), sesame smashed salmon ($ 44) ) and fish fillet of 230 grams with blue. Ravioli with Cheese, Chives, and Herb Butter ($ 62). Vegetarian options are also included in the menu.

Craig’s interiors feature rustic wood decor with round leather seats and white linen tables.

Clients who frequent the venue include Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner (by the way, every Kardashian clan has movies in front of the venue), Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, John Legend, Courteney Cox, Demi Lovato… In other words, it’s a good place to spot celebrities.
8826 Melrose Street, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu
Wooden decks with informal sofas and tables overlooking the Pacific Ocean by Nobu Malibu (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

It is perhaps one of the most popular spots in the Kardashian clan: Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner are seen periodically walking in and out of a Malibu restaurant on the Pacific coast – Kanye West, Kim’s ex-husband, who he’s been fighting the paparazzi in the local parking lot for a few years now.

Also, the house is so famous in the celebrity circle that paparazzi are waiting for a film by Angelina Jolie, Alessandra Ambrosio and even Jeff Bezos, the Amazon tycoon.

First of all, the fame comes from the network itself NobuThe brand created by chef and entrepreneur Nobu Matsuhisa has Japanese restaurants and hotels in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In Malibu, a coastal city in California on the outskirts of Los Angeles, the house has a terrace with a characteristic view of the blue shades of the Pacific Ocean, near the entrance to the sea, with nice furnishings and large and comfortable sofas and tables for groups .

From the kitchen come the classic Japanese dishes mixed with the inspiration of a Peruvian chef. Sushi, nigiris, and sashimi are on the menu along with sweet and sour lobster ($ 70), miso spiced eggplant ($ 14), and white caviar ($ 48). The more expensive option is omakase, a tasting menu of the best house dishes that costs $ 185 USD.
22706 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California.

Giorgio Baldi

Giorgio Baldi Santa Monica
The entrance to Giorgio Baldi, a family-friendly Italian restaurant that’s one of the most frequented by celebrities in all of Los Angeles (Image: Replay / Instagram)

Just search Google for the term “Rihanna Giorgio Baldi” and you come across not a photo, but hundreds of photos from different occasions that Singer, businesswoman, billionaire He clicked as he left the door of the Italian restaurant. “Rihanna started coming in when she was 18 or something,” said Elena Baldi, the site manager. New York Times. “I remember when you couldn’t even drink.” To find out, she even closed the restaurant to her team last August at midnight and didn’t leave until 6am, according to the rumor site. Only Jared.

It is located in Santa Monica, and Family home It has been operating in the small coastal town for at least 30 years and among its main customers, besides Rihanna, there are some famous people who love to repeat the food, such as Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Rosalia, the Kardashian clan, Beyoncé and Jay -Z ( who was caught leaving in after the party act Grammy this year).

From the outside, it’s an understated structure, with no flashy embellishments or expensive details. But inside it houses a kitchen that serves acclaimed Italian dishes, including appetizers, salads, soups, risottos, fish and various pastas. Highlights go to the agnolotti ($ 30), stuffed with sweet corn with white truffle sauce, and the risotto (which ranges from $ 19 to $ 25) and lobster, sauteed with cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, lemon, pepper, and oil olive (without price).

The interior of the house is simple, with square tables and white tablecloths, plus a small outdoor area with artificial grass, part of the plan to resume activities in California restaurants due to the pandemic.
114 West Channel Road, Santa Monica Canyon, Santa Monica, California.

cute man

Good guy Los Angeles
The Nice Guy’s entrance to West Hollywood, the meeting place for young celebrities as no photos are allowed inside (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

As everything they touch turns to gold, the influence of Kylie Jenner and the sisters has led to cute man be one of the Attractions from the city. Along with friends like Hailey Bieber and Anastasia Karanikolaou, Jenner regularly walks in and out of the West Hollywood club, causing the paparazzi to frenzy. Justin Bieber is also a regular restaurant.


In the heart of the big city, the house was opened in 2014 and was inspired by the restaurants of the corrupt mafia, which can be seen in the choice of interior decor: there is an antique bar, dark wood settings and round leather seats .

The structure itself is designed to create spaces that encourage conversation and encounter, and dialogue with more reserved areas. The exterior is mysterious with a large wooden door and a sign bearing the restaurant’s name on the entrance wall.

As the night goes by, The Nice Guy comes to life and a festive atmosphere – one of the most important – that lasts until dawn. Through the official social networks it is possible to glimpse a bit of excitement among the celebrities.

The menu has a variety of drinks and spirits, many of which are expensive bottles of sparkling wine, such as Dom Perignon Rosé champagne for US $ 1,200 – over R $ 6,400. Among the dishes, classic salads and pizza are among the traditional and affordable items. Pastas include Rigatoni with vodka and prawns ($ 30) and mushrooms with boletus cream and golden egg yolk ($ 29).

A homemade burger, with bacon, caramelized onions, arugula, homemade American cheese, French fries ($ 22), and a New York-style beef chop ($ 67) is part of the steak.
401 North La Cienega Street, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

house of vega

Casa Vega Los Angeles
An illuminated sign indicates the entrance to the Casa Vega Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

It is located in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, house of vega It is a Mexican restaurant with a history of over 65 years that fuses the decor of Mexican roots with the 70s of Los Angeles. Like Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, the house is run by a family dynasty and is one of the oldest homes of its kind in greater Los Angeles.

Selena Gomez, Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus and, of course, the Kardashian clan, most notably Kourtney and Khloe, have already been clicked multiple times everywhere, even while recording the reality show. keep up with the Kardashians. More recently, the restaurant’s interior, with tables around round leather seats and a bar with festive lights, served as the backdrop for the film. Once upon a time in… HollywoodWith Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

On the menu there are traditional Mexican dishes such as quesadillas, tacos, burritos and nachos. House specialties include polo asado, with grilled chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, and tortillas ($ 24), as well as fajitas ($ 21) and roast beef with enchiladas ($ 28).

In addition to creating an outdoor patio in compliance with the regulations of the municipality against Covid-19, Casa Vega also hosts some private parties.
13301 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California.

Polo Lounge

Polo lounge dining room
An indoor dining room in the Polo Lounge, with round tables, mirrors and lamps (Photo: Publicity / Dorchester Collection)

NS Polo Lounge It refers to the glamor of old Hollywood, with all its glitz, stars and films that have marked decades. Its location really helps to create such an atmosphere: it is inside the legendary The Beverly Hills, one of the most famous hotels in the world opened in 1912 on Sunset Boulevard, one of the most famous hotels in Los Angeles.

One locate A favorite of generations of celebrities like Mia Farrow and Marlene Dietrich, nowadays celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift are always around.

The interior room is greenish, with round seats around the tables and many lamps and mirrors, which create a serene atmosphere and, at the same time, evoke a certain golden past. Outside, the outdoor patio is frequented by customers, with tables surrounded by palm trees and flowers.

Interestingly, the restaurant has more secluded tables for “high-end business,” according to the official website, strategic door-to-door seating with mirrors that let you know who’s coming, as well as booths for intimate gatherings. “There are ways that everyone can see but not be seen,” the site says.

Polo Lounge serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and cocktails. On the main menus, caviar ($ 230) and oysters ($ 30) are among the high-end dishes. Dinner options include rack of lamb ($ 68), caramelized scallops ($ 58), and grilled lobster for two ($ 195).

Traditionally, the dress code is taken very seriously: casual hats, ripped jeans, tank tops, pajamas, swimwear and men’s tank tops should be avoided. After 4pm, the venue does not allow customers in shorts, slippers or sportswear.
Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.


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