Famous Sex Scandals: From Kanye West to Cameron Diaz

it is not the first time that American rapper Kanye West It is part of a social scandal, although in this case it is not the first time that it is someone’s hero public sex scandal, After a few months away from the media spotlight, Kanye has come knocking on the door again. West Divorced Kim Kardashian and shortly after he established a relationship with the Australian bianca sensoryWith whom he secretly married.

new addition came in late august honeymoon in veniceBut the celebration got out of control. they both went on a Venice Water Taxi When? they were found having sex in broad daylight, Many tourists took pictures of Kanye and Bianca, and the photos went viral.

Kanye West and his public sexual obsession

In these pictures you can see that the woman is sitting on her knees in the taxi and the artist pulls down his pants and holds her head. It was obvious that Bianca was giving oral sex to the American a public place full of families with children,

Kanye and Bianca hired a company taxi Venice Tourism MostocaffeiWho have decided to condemn what happened through a statement in which they made it clear that the couple are no longer welcome on their boats.

“We completely disassociate ourselves from such acts and behaviour. mr west and his wife of course They are no longer welcome aboard our company’s ships, Venezia Turismo Motoscaffi indicated in the statement.

This has also come to the fore Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were caught making love in the Arno River, He himself claimed that his daughter North was conceived during that sexual encounter.

This isn’t the only time Kanye and Kim were caught having sex in public GQ Awards held at the Royal Opera Housethey decided have sex in the disabled bathroom She was named GQ Woman of the Year just minutes before Kim received the award.

Other Celebrity Sex Scandals

Another celebrity who starred in the most scandals Miley Cyrus. One of the rumors that has gained the most credence is Miley and Liam Hemsworth meanwhile he hid under a table vanity fair oscar party 2012 and had sex in front of the surprised eyes of those present.

In 2015, a video of him was leaked in which he was seen kissing and practicing masturbation. stella maxwell, His personal life got interesting and we all briefly remember clip In which we can see Singer with Victoria’s Secret model.

Pamela Anderson He also featured in several sex scandals. Former Playboy Bunny Was Caught Having Sex john rose In the women’s bathroom of the famous restaurant ‘El Clan’, located in Buenos Aires.

Cameron diaz having sex.

the actors Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal They also decided to expose their love everywhere. The couple was caught having sex on the same film sets, public bathrooms, and even on beaches.

‘insidesex scandals hall of fame of famous people cameron diaz, The American actress was caught by paparazzi while having sex on the beach.

as well as spanish actors alberto san john He was caught in a similar position with his girlfriend at a nudist beach. nor should we forget Antonio Canales Was caught by Antena 3 doing a blowjob with her boyfriend.

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