Famous vegans: from Natalie Portman to Jovanotti

Vegans they are more and more numerous, even in Italy; among these there is no shortage of famous people: actors, men and women belonging to the entertainment world, singers, politicians and successful men and women.

Vegan choice: many vegans famous all over the world

From Michelle Pfeiffer to Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix, are just some of the famous vegans who have chosen to eliminate meat and derivatives from their diet.
Among the best known American actresses, Natalie Portman, a vegetarian since she was a child, (she said that as a child she witnessed the killing of an animal) a strong advocate of animal rights, who became vegan in 2009. The famous actress does not wear fur, feathers or leather and in 2007 she launched a well-known vegan footwear brand.
We remind you that according to what is estimated by the data released in the last period, there are many famous vegans, not only in the world, but also in Italy.
The latest data speak of 4,600,000 people in the world, who no longer eat meat or refuse all products of animal origin: certainly a high and growing percentage also in Italy.
What is most striking is the number of actors who choose not to eat meat anymore, after an experience on set, where perhaps out of “necessity” they ate foods of animal origin. Precisely in this regard, how not to mention Leonardo Dicaprio, that after the filming of The Revenant, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film, where he ate raw bison liver, went vegan. The well-known actor, currently nominated for an Oscar for the aforementioned film, preferred to eat a real organ and not a “prop”, to increase its realism. The disgust on his face, strongly real, pushed him to radically change his food choices in favor of a green diet.
Even the well-known Iron Man, aka actor Tony Stark among others, he recently stated that he had switched to a diet plant-based therefore, not only vegan, but which excludes any form of processed and refined food.
Iron Man regarding the choice made stated: “No giving up, it’s just a matter of changing habits”. A real lifestyle aimed at change and environmentally friendly.
The confirmation was announced by the actor himself, during the presentation of the film “Dolittle”, where he plays the Victorian-era English veterinarian who communicates with animals.

From a historical point of view, it is important to underline that many illustrious personalities of the past chose a vegan diet. We are not talking about today’s so-called “VIPs”, but of scholars, writers, writers, poets, inclined to this dietary choice. In the Victorian era, according to what some historians attest, a real diet based on fruit and vegetables was followed, avoiding both meat and fish as much as possible. No sugar (not used at all or reserved for the rich), little salt, no alcohol and no tobacco (except for a few “snorted” or chewed leaves every now and then).

Famous vegans – from Leonardo Da Vinci to the present day

A well-balanced diet, defined as healthy and which still today makes us reflect for the perfect degree of balance that distinguished it.
Among the writers of the Victorian era, we remember Lewis Carroll, author of the masterpiece entitled Alice in Wonderland. Carroll clearly opposed vivisection, publishing several articles for the most important English magazines, siding with fervor against vivisection. The theses in favor of the famous author’s choice also spilled over into food, often dictated by greed and not by a real form of appetite.
In any case, the common thread that unites the personalities of the past, famous and not, to the famous vegans of today, is related to the killing of animals without any motivation, therefore totally unjustified.
Another famous figure of the same idea, in this case Italian: Leonardo Da Vinci; several letters written by himself, speak with disdain and disgust of the killing of animals; moreover, it is known that he bought birds in cages and then released them, and in several writings he openly criticized the abundant meat banquets, promoting recipes based on “noble broccoli” or plums “accompanied by a nice carrot.”
A historical leap that allows us to understand how much this choice, which can be shared or not, has always accompanied daily events, in the succession of different eras.

THE famous vegans there are so many, in every age; dto Confucius, Darwin and Tesla to today’s famous personalities, including Jovanotti, Gianni Morandi and Adriano Celentano, on the television front we have the vegetarians Simona Ventura and Paolo Kessisoglu, while among the vegetarian film actors women stand out, namely Ornella Muti and Manuela Arcuri.
In most cases, vegans declare that healthy food is not one of the main reasons for their food choice; many well-known faces, not only Italians, confess that they benefit from the vegan choice, even from a purely ethical-behavioral point of view.
As stated by many psychologists often, in those who eat meat, a definable obsessive thought develops, which leads to think: “What am I eating? I’m eating a living being “. From this a strong sense of guilt arises, which leads to choosing a food style, in many cases combined with a lifestyle, which bans all animal and derivative products.
In Italy, the vegetarian food culture first and then vegan, began to make proselytes for many years, not only because driven by ethical reasons such as compassion towards every living being, but also for a form of prevention from cardiovascular diseases, tumors, hypertension, diabetes and other pathologies.
As he recently stated Jovanotti, vegan for a few years: “The vegan choice is good for the heart”, and this is probably what also pushes well-known faces, whether they are singers, actors, sportsmen and even politicians, to prefer this form of nutrition.

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