Fan Jennifer Aniston hugs Dave Grohl


The thrills of meeting rock stars, you know, do not spare anyone. And so it also happened to Jennifer Aniston: the American actress, when i Foo Fighters arrived on the set of TV series The Morning Show, could not contain the enthusiasm by throwing herself in an affectionate hug to the leader of the band Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl’s music, TV and book projects

The Foo Fighters lead singer is pretty productive right now and he’s certainly not spared. On October 5, 2021 it came out his book The Storyteller, in which he tells the “stories of a life lived to the maximum volume”, mixing personal memories with those of an artist, with international success with Nirvana until the rebirth and the return on stages around the world with the beloved Foo Fighters.

The hug on Instagram between Jennifer Aniston and Dave Grohl

Going back to the photo that Jennifer Aniston shared on Instagram as he hugs Dave Grohl, enthusiasm runs from the shot to the hashtags. In the post Aniston wrote:

“The Foo Fighters came by to visit us on ‘The Morning Show’. This super fan will never forget this day! I totally lost my mind “, adding hashtags like #fanforlife and #besthumansever (meaning fans forever and the best people around)

Fans also literally raved about the ex Rachel of Friends and the leader of the Foo Fighters together, with fond comments like “Two of my absolute favorites!” and “I’m super jealous!”

The Foo Fighters play in the tv series “The Morning Show”

Dave Grohl and his band weren’t in the studio “just” for a visit on the set of The Morning Show, Apple’s acclaimed tv + series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. The Foo Fighters, as the photos suggest, perform in an episode of the second season of the TV series, which launched in mid-September.

In addition to the Instagram photo in which Jennifer Aniston And Dave Grohl they embrace, in fact, another appears in the same post in which the actress and the rock star study a script together. On the set the band is lined up with the instruments, and you can also see a video where the Foo Fighters play live: too good an opportunity not to be included in the Apple tv + show.

Not all the cast of the TV series attended the Foo Fighters live

The Foo Fighters are not the first musical performance part of The Morning Show: in the first season, in fact, she performed with the same “live in the program” formula Kelly Clarkson. The cast was thrilled by the band’s live Dave Grohl, also because many were still short of concerts due to the pandemic.

And precisely because of the restrictions, not all of the cast were lucky enough to be able to attend the live performance of Foo Fighters together with Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon, protagonists of the series: only those who were part of that specific scene, or a select few, were able to go wild with Dave Grohl and the band.

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