Fan tattooed date of a Justin Bieber show and it was canceled

Since last June 2022, the health of the singer Justin Bieber has not been the best, let’s say, because he even put an urgent pause on his tour Justice World Tour due to the Ramsay-Hunt syndrome he suffers from. However, things did not end there, since, three months later, he announced that he would cancel the rest of his world tour due to health problems.

In his eagerness to focus on his health and rest from the exhaustion that his career entails, the 28-year-old Canadian singer left millions of fans in countries like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and Argentina wanting to chant each of his hits. topics.

Photograph of Justin Bieber during a concert with his hand directed towards the public

Far from bothering with the interpreter of Babytheir beliebers They were concerned and understood the reasons for their idol to cancel these presentations. However, no one imagined that Bieber’s decision would bring certain kinds of consequences.

As a sign of the great fanaticism for the Canadian singer-songwriter and in her enthusiasm to attend the concert that she would offer in her native Argentina, a girl tattooed the date of the concert that she would give in the South American country, without contemplating that the Show could be cancelled.

screenshot of a Twitter post where a Justin Bieber fan tattooed the date of his concert in Argentina

This is Ludmilla, a young woman from Córdoba, Argentina, who, through a publication on her Twitter account @Ludmi_pagani17, shared a photograph of his neck showing the tattoo in which, under the word Justice The date of September 10, 2022 stands out, the day on which Justin would appear at the Estadio Único de la Plata, in Argentina.

Taking the situation with humor, in the description of her message, the girl wrote that the cancellation of said concert left her with a meme on her neck and a broken heart, since she really wanted to attend the presentation of her idol.

Photograph of Justin Bieber walking down a hallway with a dog on his arm.

The peculiar publication of the young woman went viral and soon spread through various social networks, which triggered an endless number of both negative and positive comments regarding her tattoo. Given the popularity of her publication, Ludmilla chose to delete the post of your profile.

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