Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro, the PS5 steering wheel is official: it costs € 699 –

Fanatec has finally officially announced DD Pro, the PS5 steering wheel (but also compatible with PS4) designer Gran Turismo. A cutting-edge device, which clearly has an important price: it starts at € 699.95.

We have known since last July that Fanatec and Gran Turismo 7 collaborate for the new PS5 steering wheels, and the DD Pro represents the realization of a very ambitious project, characterized by technology next generation force feedback.

The company claims that the fact that the steering wheel is mounted directly on the engine, there are no belts or gears to dilute the effect of the feedback, which translates into 5 Nm of couple but it can be further upgraded by switching to 8 Nm via a kit sold separately for € 149.95.

DD Pro was designed by Polyphony Digital, the team behind the Gran Turismo series, and includes an OLED display and RevLED strips to provide gamers with all the information they need, as well as four extra sticks.

The steering wheel includes a pedal board with two steel pedals, but here too you can upgrade and opt for a Load Cell brake with pressure measurement for maximum realism.

THE preorder del DD Pro will open on the Fanatec official website tomorrow, November 26, 2021, with exit set for March 2022. The price, as mentioned, starts from € 699.95 but there is a “priority” option to receive the wheel before Christmas, which costs € 849.95 and a deluxe package from € 969.85 which includes boost kit and Load Cell brake.

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