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fans of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ They are more than ever on the lookout, because before the end of season 18 and the announcement of what will be installment 19, concerns arise once again about if its faithful protagonist Meredith Gray will give continuity to this medical drama.

And it is that recently the actress Elena Pompeo offered some forceful statements that once again raise the possibility that it is fair that this successful production continue without the protection of his character who has remained faithful since season 1 in which he caused an impact that remains in force after more than 400 chapters in which has been present. With this, fans once again wonder if this television star already wants to put an end to her participation in this show that airs on ABC.

True or not, the audience is once again aware of what will happen, because for many this plot has the impact it has achieved due to the influence of this woman that he has shown from his most sensitive points professionally and personally.

Ellen Pompeo Announces Possible Exit From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

So far season 18 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has been one of the most successful, despite its ups and downs in the rating, because it has shown a new stage of Meredith in which she has managed to survive the pain of the death of her eternal love Derek and sees herself again aspiring to a new, more mature, serious relationship. and that it is directing her to professional goals that she wanted so much as being part of the Parkinson’s research center.

With this, there are those who have ensured that This chief of surgery at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is already closing her story, so the fact that she could be surprising with a possible dismissal cannot be ruled out at the beginning of the next installment. She has even relied on the theory that this medical drama has managed to last over time, the same one in which the new generations have joined and, therefore, they must include a figure that represents them or with whom they can feel fully identified.

“The show speaks to a lot of people, and young people like the show. It’s inspired so many generations of healthcare workers, so I think for young people it’s really good content.. We are going to try to keep it going for the new generations, but not necessarily with me, but that goes beyond me, ”Pompeo told the Entertainment Tonight portal and Vader reviewed it this way.

In addition, the actress who has reaped successes and praise from the audience through this important role in her career, reiterated that the program must be given an increasingly current twist, even if she is not present, because It’s time to reinvent this story that has been on television for decades.

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