Fans keep pitting Jacob Elordi and Austin Butler against each other, and one hilarious tweet makes exactly why

Less than a year later, Austin Butler earned his first Oscar nomination for playing The King in Baz Luhrmann’s elvis – which also received a total of eight nominations and box office success – another film about Elvis was released on the 2023 movie calendar. Sofia Coppola adapted Priscilla Presleywith memoirs of PriscillaBecause it stars Jacob Elordi love me Tender singer. Since its release, fans have been pitting the actors against each other, but we finally found the perfect way to summarize it.

One tweet explains the whole thing perfectly. We’re gonna break it down, but here’s Twitter Post that highlights the differences between Elvis’ performances well:

Jacob Elordi and Austin Butler Twitter postJacob Elordi and Austin Butler Twitter post

Jacob Elordi and Austin Butler Twitter post

In recent weeks, this tweet has gone viral via news outlets’ headlines highlighting the ridiculous differences between actors when it comes to playing Elvis Presley on the big screen. In the case of Austin Butler elvis, a headline highlighting the actor’s intensity towards the role, sharing that he “didn’t see his family for three years” while shooting the film in Australia with Tom Hanks. On the other end of the spectrum is Jacob Elordi, who recently admitted he only knew about The King through Disney lilo and stitch while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,

The tweet highlights the night-and-day relationship between the two actors, which fans are having fun talking about as Elordi is promoting it. Priscilla, While Butler made plenty of headlines last year for her deep commitment to playing the famous singer for Baz Luhrmann’s film, Elordi has notably taken a more casual approach to the whole thing.

As another Twitter user said, presentations of elvis And Priscilla There were also completely different viewpoints. Luhrmann’s film was an $85 million project that initially began production in January 2020, and it was stuck in the midst of the onset of COVID-19 when Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson married just before worldwide lockdowns. Had tested positive for the virus. Production on the film resumed later that year before ending in early 2021.

And of course, who can forget that time during awards season when the public noticed that Austin Butler’s own speaking voice had actually changed to sound like Elvis? The actor’s voice coach defended the whole thing, saying that it was very possible that after three years of working on the voice change, it had actually become part of his real voice, especially since the larynx was apparently stable. Does not happen. The man is in his early 30s, and Butler is 31.

Austin Butler after his slowness went viral elvis Voice, he promised that he would get rid of the accent, while sharing that it had probably “damaged” his vocal cords. Now, Priscilla On the other hand, it was filmed over the course of a month late last year on a much smaller, reported $20 million production budget. Talk about the key differences.

Priscilla has received much praise, but the star of the film is Kelly Spaeny due to her breakthrough performance as Elvis’s wife. It is now running in theatres.

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