Fans stop Rayados players; they rebuke Pizarro with eggs

Rayados players stopped their vehicles to listen to the claims of the fans, who demand to reverse the team’s misstep; Rodolfo Pizarro asks that he not be judged for three games

MEXICO — Fans of the Monterey They arrested several players to demand that they reverse the situation in the face of the team’s misstep.

Rudolph Pizarro, Stephen Andrada, Jesus Gallardo, Maxi Mezaamong others, stopped their cars before the siege of a dozen fans, who wanted to start a dialogue with them.

These players responded to the demands of the fans, including table who was one of the first to attend said: “The requirement is fine, but there is a limit.” others like Pizarro he defended himself against criticism from a fan who intercepted him.

“Don’t come to say that I just came to dance,” he replied Pizarro to the fan, who turned the forward that the club has given him a second chance.

“Brother, it’s good that you stopped, people want to talk to you, you left and nothing was done that you expected and the club is giving you a second chance, they have only been dances,” the fan told Pizarro, who heard attentive inside your vehicle.

“Don’t come to say that I just came to dance, I came back because I wanted to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have come back, are you going to judge me for three games? Going out against Blue Cross, he was the best, according to the fans”, he snapped Pizarro.

While the player and the fan were talking, another fan had laid two eggs on the hood of the truck of Pizarro; immediately, the interlocutor asked him to remove them, since the attacker of scratched He had stopped to talk.

Despite being intercepted Rogelio Funes Mori He did not want to establish communication. People told him to speak on the field and annoyed that he had not even lowered the window of his truck, they told him that “not even scoring five goals will people love you…”.

The scratched They are having a start to the tournament that does not make their people happy at all. At Closure 2022, the team has played four games (two pending) and has 5 points. After losing 1-0 in Puebla, Monterrey will host saint Louis on matchday 7 next Saturday.

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