Fans Suggest Johnny Depp’s Daughter Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Since the new trial Amber Heard, a lot of new evidence has come to light, something that is affecting the career of the actress, to the degree that many fans have called for her to be fired from the sequel to Aquaman.

But not only that, but the fans have begun to ask that she be the daughter of Johnny Depp, the actress and model, Lily Rose Deppwho becomes the new Mere in the movie DC.

In Change.org there is already a request for it heard be expelled from Aquaman 2However, filming has already finished and the premiere is scheduled for 2023, so it will be difficult to rule out the participation of the actress in the film.

However, the initiative to leave her out of the film has already exceeded 2.2 million of signatures. Given the situation, fans have started to make noise so that Lily Rose Depp replace Amber Heard in his character Mere.

This as a revenge, since many fans consider that he “snatched” several projects from Johnny Depp

Although it has also been rumored that heard could be changed by the actress Emilia Clarkewho is known for her performance in the series Game of Thrones; But at the moment this information has not been confirmed.

Lily Rose Melody Deppis the eldest daughter of Johnny and his ex-wife, the French actress and singer Vanessa Paradise. He has a younger brother, John “Jack” Christopher Depp III.

After her parents broke up in 2012, after 13 years of relationship, the daughter of Marilyn Manson lives between Los Angeles and Paris.

The 22-year-old began her acting career in 2014, in the film tusk, directed by Kevin Smith. A year later, she was also released as a debut model for Chanel. Until now, he has only been part of 14 projects.

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