Farewell to Peter Bogdanovich, director of Paper moon. He was 82 years old

Writer, actor and director Peter Bogdanovich died at 82. The artist passed away after midnight of natural causes at his Los Angeles home, daughter Antonia Bogdanovich told the entertainment newspaper. Serbian by origin but American by birth, Bogdanovich directed Barbra Streisand in ‘Is Daddy sending you alone?’, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal in ‘Paper moon, Ben Gazzara in Singapore, Jeff Bridges in’ The Last Show ‘, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. But he didn’t neglect television, starring in the TV series ‘The Sopranos’ and lending his voice to a Simpsons character.

Born in Kingston, New York, on July 30, 1939, the son of a Serbian immigrant of Orthodox religion and an Austrian immigrant of Jewish origin, Bogdanovich from an early age became interested in theater, figurative art and film criticism . After working for American television and opposite Jack Nicholson in The Serpent of Fire (1967), he made his first film Targets in 1968, a tribute to actor Boris Karloff. With this film began the artistic partnership with the director of photography László Kovács, who will take care of the light in almost all of his subsequent works. Valor of American cinema in the golden years, he paid a second tribute to John Ford, one of the fathers of the western, by making a documentary on the old director, entitled Directed by John Ford (1971). The same year he directed The Last Show, which introduced him to the international audience. The following year it was directed by Orson Welles in The Other Side of the Wind (1972, incomplete). Bogdanovich also starred in the TV series The Sopranos, in the role of Doctor Kupferberg. He directed an episode of the 5th season of the series. And in homage to his character, he voiced an analyst in The Simpsons.

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