Farewell to the Super Green pass but the masks remain indoors: the new decree by Draghi with the fifth wave alarm

The numbers of yesterday March 15th they don’t bode well. 85 thousand infections, 180 deaths and a growing positivity rate. With these data and with the reduction of anti-Covid measures, the risk is that the fifth wave may now be upon us. In short, the nightmare is not over despite the end of the emergency, the farewell of General Figliuolo and the CTS who will be replaced by the internal structures of the Ministry of Health or by those of the Regions. Meanwhile, the Draghi government, already tomorrow 17 March, could pass a decree to ease the restrictions (still in force) against the virus. It starts with the Super Green pass which, in fact, disappears while the basic one will no longer be used outdoors. The masks will be kept indoors and the vaccination obligation for children over 50 will remain until June. To work, however, the tampon will suffice.

The hard fist of the executive seems to have, in fact, waned. In indoor places, for example, green certification will still be needed (at least until May 1st), but that basic one will be enough, even if only with the pad. Outdoors, however, no documents. At the moment these are hypotheses – put in black and white by Republic – which could be questioned today March 16th from the control room followed by the regions gathered in Conference to take stock of the situation. Tomorrow March 17th the Council of Ministers.

What changes with the new decree

Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who has always been a “rigorist”, fears that a free all, that the zeroing, or almost zero, of the measures can lead to an increase in infections which, in reality, already exist. Just look at the UK or Germany who even canceled the Freedom day, the day that would have foreseen the abolition of all anti-Covid norms. Even in our country the data is on the rise: the data of yesterday March 15th they speak of more 85 thousand infections And 180 dead with a positive rate at 14.5 percent. Despite this, however, the Italian government goes straight and removes the Green pass not only at tables outside bars and restaurants but also at concerts or outdoor shows. For public transport, cinemas, museums or libraries, however, only the basic Green pass and no longer the reinforced one may be enough.

Goodbye also to the enhanced green certification for over 50, law enforcement and professors in the workplace. Even in this case, the test will suffice. In fact, until June 15 the vaccination obligation remains for over 50: fines and suspensions foreseen. We could also say goodbye to contact quarantine even for the unvaccinated. At school, then, the obligation of FFP2 masks should disappear. Surgicals will be fine. And the stadiums? Capacity at 100 percent: hopefully in a derogation for the match of the national team March 24. For the sports halls, on the other hand, capacity at 75 percent.

The fifth wave of Covid alarm

In light of these easing, is the Coronavirus pandemic really over? Absolutely not. The data is on the rise and the few anti-Covid measures that remain in the field allow us to hypothesize a recovery, perhaps hampered by vaccines and by the incoming good weather. But nothing is finished. He also puts it on paper The print today, citing the data ofHealth Observatory of the Catholic University, according to which the Omicron variant kills 10 times so much the flu, 3 times more if we also consider the deaths caused only indirectly by the flu virus. In short, other than a harmless or weak variant. Covid continues to circulate and soon there is a risk of returning to 200 thousand infections per day. The fifth wave, therefore, could be coming and the 85 thousand infections of yesterday (+42 percent in a week), highest given byLast February 8ththey are proof of that.

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