Faride Raful: “Neither legislators are princes nor presidents are kings”

The senator of the National District, faride rafulstated that the senators and deputies of the Republic are not princes nor the head of state a king.

“Neither legislators are princes, nor are presidents kings,” said the leader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in her tweet.

“The monarchies fell precisely for becoming entrenched in maintaining and defending irritating privileges. Be careful,” Raful pointed out.

The congresswoman’s message was published in reference to a video of his party partner Eugenio Cedeñodeputy for the province of La Romana, who, when participating in an interview on a radio space, spoke of the privileges and exemptions of legislators.

According to Cedeño, these privileges to which the representatives of the National Congress have access have been justified because “in all societies the princes have had privileges” and the deputies “they are the princes of the nation”.

“We are 190 princes of the nation chosen by our people to represent them in a national forum,” said the legislator.

The legislator made these statements when announcing the submission of a bill to reduce exemptions to only one per mandate, instead of the two they currently receive.

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