FAS defeats Honduras Progreso in their second international friendly

With goals from the Argentine-Salvadoran Guillermo Stradella at 40′, from the gaucho Wilson Gómez at 57′ and from the national Wilma Torres at 64′, the FAS champion thrashed Honduras El Progreso 3-1 from Honduras who opened the scoring through the Colombian Harol Sandoval at 29′.

The Ecuadorian Octavio Zambrano had four changes in his starting lineup, which he presented a week ago against the Guatemalan Deportivo Mixco.
From the outset, the faces of Roberto Domínguez in the rear instead of Alberto Henríquez, of Rodrigo Rivera for Jairo Martínez, of the Colombian Camilo Salazar instead of Wilma Torres and of the Aztec Memo Madrigal for Cristian Gil presaged that the South American tigrillos strategist was looking for that FAS that we saw in the last 25 minutes of the previous friendly and that left in the air that the tie at one goal was less deserved due to the volume of football that FAS generated in that match.

His rival, Honduras del Progreso, also showed his four Colombian hires and also led by coffee grower Jhon Jairo López, he would be a rival that could be taken advantage of.

Said and done, the Catracho team showed flashes of offensive football generated by the Colombians Sandoval and Quiñónez, who arrived in the first two minutes of the game to disturb the Carabantes goal.

FAS responded after three minutes when the Mexican Madrival warmed up goalkeeper Zúñiga’s gloves.

The visit sought to surprise on the right flank where Luis Garrido, supported by the Colombian Mora, devoured his flank in search of the shots from his two South American attackers.

FAS forgave a lot before the second quarter of an hour of the game arrived, to the degree that Madeibal missed three clear attempts on goal between minutes 18 and 25, Stradella had his own at 27′ when he finished off a ball that landed in front of the goal. rival and Kevin Reyes wasted a few minutes later the best goal chance that the tigrillos generated and that unbelievably failed to open the scoring.

The one who did not fail was the visit who surprised with a counter after the failure of the tigrillo Reyes that ended with the sharp and strong kick of Harol Sandoval when the tall Colombian striker had time and space to finish off on goal and sign the 0-1 scoreline. surprising.

FAS was once again down on the scoreboard, as happened in their first friendly of the season the previous week and they were more concerned to arrive more through the center than through the wings and that change of chil helped Guillermo Stradella, five minutes from the final whistle of the first half, he tied the cards with a kidney goal, removing all marks that came his way to beat Zúñiga when he tried to reduce the angle of shot.

FAS tried to take advantage of the dressing rooms but the Catracho team closed ranks and withstood the offensive attacks of the tigrillos to go to halftime with a 1-1 score.

The two teams returned to the field of play with two variants in the ranks of Honduras El Progreso, while FAS, contrary to what was believed, came out with the same starting eleven.

For his part, the Colombian Jhon Jairo López took out his central defender, his compatriot Balanta and the midfielder Marín and instead sent the Honduran Galindo and Paredes, with the idea of ​​balancing their two back zones.

Despite this, the initiative belonged to the ocelots and it was not until 52′ that the Argentine Wilson Gómez and the national Wilma Torres entered for the national Reyes and the Colombian Salazar to reinforce their attack.

The FAS changes took effect five minutes after they were made, since at 57′ the gaucho Wilson Gómez found himself with a poorly cleared ball from the Honduran defense after a corner kick and made it 2-1 with a shot placed at medium height that beat goalkeeper Zúñiga’s late stretch to get ahead on the scoreboard.

It was the omen that FAS wanted to take advantage of the virtues of its two modifications on the field and it was fulfilled at 64′ with the great goal by Wilman Torres when closing the pincer in the shot attempt by Jairo Martínez who had entered two minutes ago for Stradella and who he failed in his attempt to finish off his shot after the gaucho Gómez’s stroke on the left wing and in the end Torres nailed the ball into the upper right corner of the catracha goal.

In FAS Kevin Ardón, Cristian Gil Hurtado and Emerson Rivas arrived instead of Flores Jaco, Madrigal and Rivera respectively in order to give their three zones peace of mind to withstand the arrivals of the Hondurans for discounting on the scoreboard.

But with five minutes to go, a blow to captain Rudy Clavel set off alarm bells in the ranks of the Tigrillas, since he had to leave the field of play and thus give way to Henríquez behind.

Good win for FAS, which could have said goodbye to international friendlies and will have to fine-tune details for its league debut against Once Deportivo next Saturday the 28th or Sunday the 29th of this month.


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