Fashion and Gaming, the unexpected couple that works

One of the sectors that has been most positively affected by the recent pandemic is video games, especially those online or in the cloud, and not only because they have represented the pastime of millions of isolated players, but also because, for some time now, , The game has become one of the few places to meet and feel part of a group.

So here it is no longer just “nerds” who play, but players with aaverage age 35 years and with an increasing percentage of women.
The perfect field, one could say, to attract what was previously a very distant sector and which embodied even more distant principles: that of fashion.

Let’s talk about Fashion games, where the characters from some of the most famous video games not only wear Valentino or Gucci, but also become the protagonists of new virtual worlds. The proprietary game is a case of this louis the game Created by Louis Vuitton.

Games: growing popularity and profitability

with a forecast of gross of $200,000 by 2023after a slight drop in popularity between 2021 and 2022 due more to delays in the launch of news or consoles by big names, and a 3 billion people of players In the world, the video game market is today among the most stable segments in the world.

Not only the most stable, but also the most inclusive with an audience made up of both real players and viewers who watch the strongest players play on streaming platforms like Twitch or Youtube.

The country with the largest market share in the segment is China, which alone generates 45,500 million, followed by the United States with 45,000 million.

Italy generates “only” 2,000 million, but 2.9% more than the previous year. Surely the Asian continent alone accounts for more than half of the world marketbut experts also point to South America and North Africa among the so-called emerging gaming markets.

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Each growing market brings with it the formation of an increasingly demanding public in terms of novelties and game possibilities. A mechanism that tests the big names and their ability to compete on new consoles, new games and game methods.

But not everything is rosy, in fact 2022 closed in negative, with a decrease of about 5%, with the collection stopped at 184,000 million.

Despite the slowdown of the last two years, the video game sector is a constantly growing sector with an increasing number of the world population approaching the game, also thanks to the recent model. gratuitouscheaper and more democratic.

That is why, therefore, the gaming world ceases to be just a gaming platform, to become a means of communication and presentation of the most historic brands in every way.

Fashion and Gaming, a link destined to last

One of the first cases of use of the video game as a means to communicate or create an event was that of Travis Scott and Fortnite, in which, on a certain date, players could attend a real “live” concert and unlock accessories and clothing, thanks to codes and NFT, to use both for the characters of the famous video game and to physically buy in the stories. We are talking about almost 28 million users, not only historical players, but a new audience for Fortnite.

Then there were the cases of designer uniforms Moschino in eSports and in billboards at the foot of the field.

Recent cases are of a completely different nature: let’s talk about brand that have modified logos and stylistic lines to create video game capsule collections. Here the “old” nerds behind the console have become real influencers.

Among them is the case of Polo Ralph Lauren. The famous and instantly recognizable trademark of the polo player on horseback has been transformed into a pot shaped like a blade for the game Fortnite.

The collaboration has given life to a real collection of the brand that has been available in the online store since the beginning of November. Attention to detail done by Ralph Lauren for Fortnite characters used in epic battles and showdowns.

In addition to the capsule collection released at various times, the partnership has resulted in a digital stadium in which opponents can play their battles and in real life unlock particular clothes and accessories thanks to digital achievements.

Minecraft, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on Burberry. to create a clothing line for explorers. The famous checkered texture is the master. The capsule will be available online to dress up characters in the game, but will also be available for offline players to purchase as limited edition items.

Burberry is not new to the launch of digital fashion collections, last year at the launch of Shark-B he created a line of clothing and digital and connected accessories with NFT to secure the property.

guccifinally, it has turned its logo, the two Gs, into a video game reward: good gucci game and designed a capsule collection comprised of iridescent clothing and accessories.
TO collaboration with Roblox and a King Kong Magazine campaign to create a neon virtual world that the player can fully immerse themselves in. Obviously, the collection is available online and in a few select stores.

Fashion-themed gaming, the Oetker case

Then there are the cases in which fashion does not collaborate with big names in the video game, but creates its own.

He videogametherefore it seems to be the new location so that brands mount fashion shows or mount photo sessions, getting closer and closer to a heterogeneous public and disengaging from the stereotype of physical catwalks.

All over the world, gamers and video game enthusiasts are showing up. attentive fashion and beauty consumers. This represents a new and future audience.

Vogue and Louis Vuitton are among the first brands to go beyond the association with famous video games, to create real proprietary online games, where you can be a stylist or take control of great models to overcome different adventures.

The last arrival is oetker which makes the metaverse and Drest his trump card. Oetker, in addition to focusing on the metaverse is the first hotel brand to digitize its sales and presentation strategy.

The player will participate in exclusive contests as a stylist and will have to choose the hotels of the German group as a location for the best shots from the books or to organize real fashion shows.
Thus, the hotel chain will be able to show future guests their hotels up close, like flipping through a beautiful immersive catalogue.

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