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Taylor Swift, Harry Styles or Dua Lipa: fashion brands are already betting more on artistsnews telecinco

Which sells more clothes, bags or makeup? A model or actress or singer? Brands are realizing that their best ambassadors are not those who live by appearances alone, but those who have a solid career behind them.

Fashion has a new soundtrack and it is not the one that plays at haute couture shows, but on stages, packed stadiums. They, the artist, are the perfect showcase for the big luxury brands. Rosalia’s hardcore beats match the Acne Studios outfits perfectly.

Beyonce is equally complemented by Balmain and their joint collections. The American singer is also responsible for Lowe’s popularity skyrocketing as she is wearing her designs on stage.

Music and fashion go hand in hand. A visionary like Madonna did just that three decades ago with her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier corset. General cooperation is on the rise. Dua Lipa looked drop dead gorgeous in a Balenciaga jumpsuit. Harry Styles bet on Gucci. An unbeatable combination like Taylor Swift and Oscar de la Renta. Straight from the workshop to the stage. Fashion and music: a well-known motif.

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