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From skirts and pants, to shirts and bags, jean promises to be more present than ever on the most exclusive fashion catwalks and in department stores during this year 2023.

Whether dressing casually or attending a formal event, the era of ‘all denim’ has arrived, as evidenced by the latest Diesel and Bluemarine collections, which were also inspired by the 2000s.

Kate Middleton confirms that skinny jeans will never go out of style: the Princess of Wales wears tight pants that she combines with sneakers

For now, this new love for this popular material will not go away, so the best thing is that you adapt this trend to your personal style, as published by Vogue.

Jean outfits that will be a trend in 2023

denim dresses

The first piece of clothing that you can take inspiration from is the tight denim dress worn by Kendall Jenner, which shows that with a higher level of lycra, denim can be transformed into a malleable and comfortable fabric that fits your figure.

Kendall Jenner in a jean dress. Photo: Instagram @vsstreetstyle

jean tops

The cowboy is present in tops and blouses of all designs, which range from the most daring with open backs or pronounced necklines, to simple dress shirts made with the material.

maxi coat

Another simple option for those days when you don’t want to choose an outfit are coats that cover your figure from shoulders to ankles, a look that you can accompany with sunglasses or a small handbag.

Denim coat. Photo: Valentina Frugiuele/Getty Images

These are the retro jeans that will be a trend in 2023: celebrities and fashion houses show it

total look

If you dare to do something more innovative, you can dress from head to toe in jean, from the blouse to the pants and, if it’s within your possibilities, the bag and your shoes are also denim! Since you choose how to adapt this fashion to your style, the possibilities are endless.


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