Fashion editor’s all-time favorite looks from ‘Clueless’

IT was a film that launched careers, coined catchphrases and made us actually want tartan skirts.

Twenty-seven years ago (yes, we’re that old) Clueless hit the big screen, starring now household names Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd (who look exactly alike – has that guy gotten that old?) and Tragic Starring the late Brittany Murphy.

Clueless starring Stacey Dash, Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy.Credit: Alamy
Cher’s famous personal stylist computer.Credit: Getty

The ’90s high school movie was inspired by Jane Austen’s famous novel Emma, ​​but instead of bonnets and boned corsets, the famous flick features very different fashion.

For one, instead of being set in a fictional Cotswolds village, Cher and her pals hang out in Beverly Hills.

Any teenager or 20-something girl watching it couldn’t fail to be mesmerized by the cast’s wardrobe – not least his conveyor belt of clothes, chosen by a computer (btw technology we still love).

But even though scientists haven’t yet created a Cher-style fashion finder for every home, we can still yearn for the outfits.

Here, Fabulous’ fashion editor Clemmie Fieldsend reveals her all-time favorite looks from Clueless – follow her guidance and you’ll totally look like Betty.

check coordination

Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone as Dion and Cher in their iconic plaid outfits.Credit: Getty

We first see Cher Horowitz when she is walking to school in a yellow and black checked dress.

The blazer and pleated mini skirt with white knee-high socks and matching yellow cardigan is undoubtedly the most famous outfit from the film.

This look has been recreated by stars like Cara Delevingne, Iggy Azalea, and most recently, Kim Kardashian. She turned into Cher for Halloween and daughter North West played best friend, Dionne.

Kim Kardashian and North West dressed as Clueless characters.Credit: Instagram

The unforgettable canary plaid look also occurs when Cher screams “Uh, mano!” One of the most famous lines from the film.

While the school-girl style look takes you back to the 90s, the pleated minis and jackets now available on the high street make this look a timeless classic.

fabulous in flannel

Alicia Silverstone as Cher in her flannel look.Credit: Alamy

One of Cher’s most stylish looks is her oversized red and black flannel jacket with a black hat and knee-high socks.

With a coordinated black back and a Diet Coke in hand, her outfit is simple yet stylish and is something you can see on her social media channels today.

In fact, this re-watch of Clueless Outfits and Influencers’ adorable looks has garnered 1.4 billion views on TikTok.

The beret became Cher’s signature headwear as she wore it several times in the film and is still as adorable today.

red velvet mini

Stacey Dash as Dionne in a stylish red mini dress.Credit: Alamy

Cher’s BFF Dion also has some great costumes in Clueless.

Often matching their best friends in mirroring styles, the pair share the same love for fashion and shopping.

One of her top dresses would be this long sleeve, red velvet mini dress.

Her outfit is simple but bold and memorable with a stark white collar, sleeves, hair band and of course, knee-high socks contrasting with the deep ruby ​​red.

Paired with black Mary Jane shoes, very on trend again this season, this look can easily be worn today.

Brands like And Other Stories and H&M are selling mini shift dresses for party season.

adequate sharing

Paul Rudd with Alicia Silverstone wearing one of her many sheer blouses.Credit: Getty

Synonymous with the 90s, Sheering had a huge role in Clueless.

From Kate Moss’s slips to Cher’s love of see-through shirts, you couldn’t go further than transparency during the iconic style era.

Cher wore black or white sheer blouses, layered with contrasting colors – either underneath or on top – and mostly with mini skirts.

We’re hinting at her growing up and trying to become more adult.

However the whimsical and delicate dresses with fluffy jumpers and feathers also showed that she was still very childlike.

Her see-through outfits continue to trend today with big fans from A-listers like Rihanna and Rita Ora.

90s blow dry

Alicia Silverstone’s bouncy blow dry still makes women everywhere jealous.Credit: Getty

When mentioning Clueless, tribute must be paid to Cher’s bouncy and beautiful blow dry.

According to Google, searches for ’90s blonde hair increased 100 percent last year, with many people citing Cher’s luscious hair as inspiration.

And they are in trend even today.

A quick scan on TikTok and you’ll learn about the famous blow dry that still makes people jealous 28 years after the film’s release.

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