Fashion Haircuts Summer 2021: The ‘One Length Cut’ by Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is an example of elegance and refinement and the haircut she wanted to show off for this year is also a demonstration of this, we are talking about the One Length cut

One of the cuts hair particularly popular in this period is among the simplest ones, but certainly more impressive, we are talking about one length cut. This type of cut consists of a slightly hinted scaling on the front, while the rear part remains somewhat symmetrical. Let’s find out in detail who this haircut is good for and how to best enhance this hairstyle.

Angelina Jolie’s haircut

Summer 2021 will be characterized by many bizarre and extreme haircuts, even the colors will be quite bold. However, for more sober women there is still a great alternative. They, in fact, will be able to opt for the cut sported by Angelina Jolie. It is characterized by a certain symmetry in the rear part. In front, however, the tufts are slightly shorter and lateral. If the fold is made smooth, the parity of the cut will obviously be highlighted.

In the photo below, the actress preferred to move the hair to the sides, in order to give more volume in the upper part of the skin. Furthermore, the color is enlivened by some lighter shades, which give in an instant the “sun-kissed” effect, which will be very fashionable in this period. The protagonist exudes sensuality and elegance.

Who is the One Length cut good for?

This type of cut is good for all faces. However, the real secret is in the type of fold given to the hair. Those who have a more round and plump face shape can opt for a perfectly smooth, very adherent to their facial contours. Even those with a square face can opt for this styling. The reason lies in the fact that the closer the hair is to the cheeks, the thinner the face will appear.

On the other hand, however, women who have a longer and oval face will have to prefer slightly softer and more voluminous hairstyles. They will immediately be able to give greater harmony and soften the slight asymmetry of the face. The colors, on the other hand, vary according to tastes. At this cutting hair can be put together in all shades. If you want to be traditional, but always chic and elegant, slightly shaded hair will be preferred, whether they start from a blonde or brown base.


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