Fashion influencer, 34-year-old mother of two dies after being hospitalized with sickle cell anemia – World News

Influential Jean Passos dos Santos died this week of complications from sickle cell anemia, his team and family announced. He was buried yesterday in Salvador, Brazil

Jean Passos dos Santos died of sickle cell anemia,jam press)

A 34-year-old beauty influencer has died suddenly after complications from a rare blood disorder, her team has announced.

Jean Passos dos Santos was hospitalized in Salvador, Brazil, with sickle cell anemia on Wednesday and was cremated yesterday at the Bosque da Paz cemetery. The mother of two, who was known for sharing fashion and beauty content on social media, had 45,600 followers on Instagram.

A statement shared on her profile when she was taken to hospital said: “Out of respect for our followers and partners, I come to inform you through this note that Jean has died of complications from sickle cell anemia. “He has been admitted to the hospital due to stroke. At this time, he is unable to use his cell phone. I pray for him, so that God can restore his life.”

Mother of two children died at the age of 34,jam press)
She shared fashion and beauty content on social media,jam press)

Sadly, his death was announced in another post which said a vigil would be held for him at the Bosque da Paz cemetery on Thursday. After the woman’s death, her family said in a statement: “May your path be illuminated, as was your presence among us.” Her mother Jasira Passos wrote on social media, “Lord, thank you for the daughter you gave me. Today, she rests in your arms.”

Many fans paid tribute to the influencer on Instagram, with one writing: “God comfort the entire family.” Another person said: “It’s hard to believe… May your soul rest in peace and rest forever in the arms of God our Father.” Another commented: “Such sad news!”

His death was confirmed on social media,jam press)
Jean had 45,600 followers on Instagram,jam press)

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, there are more sickle cell anemia sufferers in Salvador than in any other Brazilian municipality. It is a hereditary disease in which red blood cells become clumpy, causing a number of health problems.

These include fever, stomach pain, jaundice and leg ulcers. The disease most commonly affects black people, who make up about half of Salvador’s population. The only treatment available on the market involves bone marrow transplantation. But the low chances of finding a suitable donor and the surgical risks involved rule it out for most victims.

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