fashion: The fashionable floral accessory that Kendall Jenner wears and that sweeps Zara

Carla Dominguez

The flowers on the neck are everywhere. From Christmas and party looks, we saw how this micro-trend was gradually taking over some looks. A somewhat controversial and unexpected resource that is slowly growing and promises to become
the jewel in the crown of 2023.

One of the ‘celebrities’ who is obsessed with this flower neck accessory is Kendall Jenner. We have recently seen her model on her networks with a ‘total look’ in black with transparencies accompanied by an anthurium flower on her neck.

The model opted for a daring outfit with a long chiffon dress, high-heeled sandals and a flower around her neck that put the final touch on her look. This striking flower worn by the model was one of Loewe’s most photographed proposals.

Kendall Jenner with a total look in black and an anthurium flower around her neck. Photo: backgrid.

but why is this
obsession with flowers in clothes or accessories? In September 2022 we saw the prelude to what would be in fashion in the first summer of 2023 and among some of the trends we caught are flowers.
Philosophy di Lorenzo, Blumarine, Elie Saab, Acne and even Chanelare some of the firms that have accompanied their proposals with delicate roses around the neck.

We have seen all kinds of flowers adorning the garments of the best-known luxury brands. However, it is true that if we can rule out a flower that totally captivated its appearance, it was the anthurium. A proposal by designer Jonathan Anderson for the Spanish firm
loewe that became the object of all eyes.

Short black dress with anthurium flower by Loewe. Photo: Imaxtree.

This colorful flower, with a yellow pistil, stands out and we saw it on the Loewe catwalk with a black mini dress. Now, who has not been able to resist this wonderful flower is the model Kendall Jenner. The model she attended a friend’s birthday party with another of her great friends, Hailey Bieber.

Seeing the rise of this trend, we are sure that it will appear very soon in affordable brands like Zara. We saw him a few months ago with a flower necklace like the one Chanel launched, and which some ‘influencers’ like RocĂ­o Osorno popularized on networks.

Seeing some of Zara’s ‘bestsellers’, it is most likely that they will bet soon (or ahead of spring) for a version of this necklace with an anthurium flower. Of course, we know that it is somewhat controversial and quite striking, only suitable for the most daring. So you either love it or hate it. And you, would you be willing to join this trend?

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