Fashion: The most comfortable and beautiful viral sandals that have become a favorite of influencers

Elena Olivero

If your favorite sandals have already seen endless use and are ready to retire, it’s time to pick up a new model. In fact, in summer, it does not matter how many of these types of shoes you buy as they are always a good investment.
you’re going to be wearing these practically every day And they never go out of style, so the delivery is refined over the first hour. Plus, the more the merrier because that’s how we change with each look.

With jute platforms for short stature girls, classic designs with buckles, Greek style ones which are most popular right now or even gold metallic effect ones to be trendy and enhance the beauty of your outfit. Versions exist for all tastes and occasions. However, influencers say the best buys of the season are
viral sandals Which are selling tremendously and are rocking Instagram.

Influencers have picked their favorite sandals for summer And they all fit into the model of the Nomadic State of Mind brand. They are hand-made designs with eco-sustainable and fair trade materials, vegan, lightweight, wear resistant, elegant due to their minimalism and unisex.

But, not only Spanish Instagram fashion girls feel completely infatuated with the firm’s collections. In the international fashion scene, they have attracted a lot of attention, seen in celebrities such as
Jennifer Aniston, So, if you want to wear the same shoes that Hollywood and the entire fashion industry love, then this is the best option.

Purple String Sandals /

nomadic state of mind

You can directly copy the favorites of IT girls that have gone viral, like
JC in purple or orange sandals, They are models with adjustable crossed straps in the front. They also have a heel strap for better support. They have openings in the front for the fingers. And, the sole is flat. They will cost you 66 euros from 34 to 46.

The over 50 influencer is also a fan of what the brand has to offer and although she has a great selection in her shoe rack, this season she chose
roman sandalsBlack, with silver metallic effect thread details. They have a flat sole with a rounded toe. They have a strap with finger positions and an adjustable closure with laces. It costs 70.50 euros from 34 to 46.

Black Metallic Sandal /

nomadic state of mind

They also bet on this model in natural color, as it is a very fashionable design this year, as the return of the Greek or Roman sandal has been confirmed and
gladiators, for all the best dressed ladies and even royals. If you choose this tone, they will be a little cheaper at 69 euros.

If you want a model that you can combine with all your looks and that is as comfortable as possible, bet on it
Slide X Sandal In Camel, It is one of the latest models launched by the brand. It has two wide crossed straps in the front with an opening for the fingers. The design is undercut and features a flat sole. You’ll buy these for 66 euros, from 34 to 46.

String Sandal In Camel Tone /

nomadic state of mind

We end up with a version very similar to the previous one, very practical and chosen by the girls on Instagram. They are rope sandals in natural tone, slip on. passed
scooped scoop design, which features narrow interlocking straps in the front, a rounded toe, and a flat sole. You can find them for 66 Euros, between 34 and 46.

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