“Fast and effective” migraine prevention with this antibody

He Development of anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies has brought about a paradigm shift in migraine treatment Due to its more comfortable dosage, its effectiveness and tolerability. Lundbeck “Seminar has been organized”“Expanding expectations in migraine prevention”Held within the framework of the last annual meeting of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), it has allowed various experts to debate the first anti-CGRP for quarterly intravenous administration approved in Spain this year.

this is the latest Addition of eptinezumab to migraine preventive therapeutic arsenal, under the restraint of jose miguel lainezThe President of SEN and Head of the Neurology Service at the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia emphasizes the effectiveness and Rapid clinical response provided by eptinezumab, can be seen from the first day after use, as well as sustained effects in the reduction of migraine days per month. In this sense, Lainez points out that eptinuzumab is a monoclonal antibody “with advantages such as its speed and sustained effectiveness.” One One hundred percent bioavailability And the ligand has a very rapid fixation, so it works very quickly, and this fixation “lasts very well for up to three months.”

This effective migraine preventive with eptinezumab, fast and sustained, may improve treatment adherence, In terms of intensity, the effect is seen one to two hours after infusion, while its sustained effect lasts throughout the 84-day treatment period. For the chairman of SEN, the advantages offered by the intravenous route of administration are “speed and safety”. The patient will follow it 100%,

speed of action This is considered the second most important quality of preventive treatment by migraine sufferers after effectiveness. Commonly Prescribed Preventive Oral Migraine Treatments It may take two to six months to achieve maximum effect, and three out of four patients discontinue their initial oral preventive treatment within six months. Furthermore, between 37 percent and 48 percent Premature discontinuation of oral preventive treatment Lack of effectiveness is attributed.

In Lainez’s opinion, Candidate patient to receive eptinezumab “Anyone who will suffer from episodic or chronic migraine like other monoclonals, and in particular, those who require a rapid response to treatment.”

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