father’s killer pleads guilty

And could be sentenced to a year in prison.

More than a year after the fatal accident that claimed the life of the father of Nicki Minajthe driver appeared before the judge and eventually pleaded guilty.

In February 2021, a drama affected the family of Nicki Minaj. The case had also made the rounds of the American and international media. The rapper’s father, Robert Maraj had just lost his life, at the age of 64, after a hit-and-run accident. In fact, the person responsible for the accident Charles Polevich knocked down Mr. Maraj while he was walking down a street in Long Island.

According to the Nassau County Police Department in Florida, Charles Polevich first stopped to check that the victim was well, then fled without even notifying the emergency services. The world learned a few hours later that the victim had lost his life and that he was the father of the second American rapper to obtain a diamond single. If the person responsible immediately fled, he surrendered himself to the police a few days after the accident.

More than a year after the events, a new appearance by Charles Polevich took place on Friday, May 06, before the Nassau County Court. He who had pleaded not guilty to his first indictment, he this time pleaded guilty to the counts of hit-and-run and tampering with evidence. He was facing 7 years in prison, but the judge finally agreed to set the sentence at one year in prison, community service and withdrawal of license. Some will say that he is doing well in the end, but his age (71) may have played in his favor.

Charles Polevich is expected back in court on August 3. In the meantime, we still wish a lot of courage to Nicki Minaj and her family.

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