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Without a doubt, Giovanni Moreno is one of the great idols of Atlético Nacional and was the architect of the title achieved in 2021 against Deportes Tolima. Although he made little progress in the final, he was the executor of a shot that the goalkeeper from Tolima saved for a corner and that action led to the goal to win the championship.

Giovanni Moreno left in an unwanted way and was shown the back door in the team of his loves for some statements about Hernán el ‘Arriero’ Herrera and days later, he cut the employment relationship with the club. After contemplating his sporting continuity, the midfielder had conversations with some clubs, including Envigado and now Deportivo Independiente Medellín, the latter, which can be classified as a betrayal.

A revenge against the green institution? Well, although his departure was not as desired and the continuity of Giovanni Moreno in Atlético Nacional had already been confirmed, he left by decision of the presidency and from that moment the purslane were not the same. For now, nothing is assured in his future, but there is talk of talks with Deportivo Independiente Medellín, Nacional’s backyard rival. Treason? Surely in the heads of the fans it will not be accepted.

In fact, another of the great idols of Nacional, Faustino Asprilla warned Giovanni Moreno not to take the letter from Deportivo Independiente Medellín. “For the sake of the love that Nacional fans have for Gio, let him play in Envigado or Águilas Doradas, but not play in Medellín,” said ‘Tino’ on ESPN. Faustino said that it is inconceivable that he thinks about going to the rival in the yard, although nothing has been said.

In addition, Faustino Asprilla recalled when they tried to sign him at Deportivo Independiente Medellín, “the DIM called me in 2003 and I said no, that I only played for Nacional. When I returned to the country, I did it because the DIM called me” . Finally, ‘Tino’ told him what the problem would be among the fans, “the problem is that this is revenge against the fans. This is eternal love, if he puts on that shirt it’s over. He has to think about the day tomorrow. Play 6 months in the DIM for what?”

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