Faya – Voicenotes from New York & Atlanta: the ballroom

In this first episode of the series, Renaud tells us about the birth of the ballroom in New York and Atlanta. Created in the 1970s by the gay, queer, black trans and Latina communities, this culture is at the origin of voguing. An emblematic dance of the balls organized by the houses (families), during which the dancers compete against a backdrop of vogue beats and house music. Rhythmic exploration, in the company of world-renowned DJs and producers MikeQ and Divoli S’vere, of a scene that is increasingly influencing mainstream pop culture.

Track list:
“Pure/Honey” – Beyoncé
“Peacherine Rag” – Scott Joplin
«Harlem Congo» – Chick Webb and His Orchestra
“The Love I Lost” – Harlod Melvin Bluenotes
“Feels Like” – MikeQ (feat. Kevin JZ Prodigy)
“Love is the Message” – MFSB
“Vogue” – Madonna
“Serve” – ​​Miss Fernando
“Cunty (The Feeling)” – Kevin Aviance
“Miss Honey” – Me Renee
“The Ha Dance” – Master At Work
“What I Want Ha” – Divoli S’vere
“End of time” – Beyoncé (Divoli S’vere remix)
“Rowdy Ha” – Vjuan Allure
“Ain’t Nobody” – Chaka Khan (MikeQ Remix)
“Godzilla Da Remix” – Jay R Neutron
“Runway Rocker Bump” – Byrell The Great
“No Ordinary Love” – ​​Sade
“Heated” – Beyoncé
“The Master Blaster” – Mike Q
“Got to Be Real” – Cheryl Lynn (Instrumental)
“Cunty” – Divoli S’vere
“Legendary” – MikeQ & Ash B.
“Summer Renaissance” – Beyonce
“America Has a Problem” – Beyoncé
“Break My Soul” – Beyoncé (Jay R Neutron Jimmy’s House Vogue Mix)

MikeQ (@theonlymikeq) and Divoli S’vere (@divolisvere)

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Faya, the global dancefloor podcast
A program by Renaud Brizard for Nique – La radio
Directed by: Malo Williams
Producer: Christophe Payet
with the support of SACEM

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