FC Barcelona, ​​PSG – Mercato: Suarez probed by the Blaugrana thinking of Messi?

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Sacred information just revealed by the Spanish daily Sport: FC Barcelona would have contacted Luis Suarez to find out if a return interested him, knowing that the Uruguayan striker has not extended to Atlético Madrid. The idea would be to keep him under the elbow in case of failure of negotiations with Bayern Munich for Robert Lewandowski. The 35-year-old would be asked to wait until the end of August, he who is courted by Sevilla FC, Villarreal and River Plate (even if he said he wanted to stay in Europe).

Will the Canibale agree to play the spare wheels and wait until the last minute to find a city and a club he loves? In any case, we can’t help but make the link between this track and Joan Laporta’s statement last week, which assured that Lionel Messi deserved to go out the front door at FCB. Bringing back the Argentinian’s great friend would be a positive point before negotiations in the summer of 2023, when his contract with PSG will have come to an end…

to summarize

After learning that he would not continue with Atlético Madrid, FC Barcelona contacted Luis Suarez to find out if he was interested in a return. But he would have to wait until the end of August before possibly coming because the priority remains Robert Lewandowski.

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