FC Juárez vs. Xolos (3-0). GOALSHalftime

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FC Juarez finally shook off the defeat of the first day, and in their second duel He got his first win of the Clausura 2023 by beating the Xolos 3-0playing at home.

With brace for Dario Lezcano, the Braves take air in the table of quotients and Hernán Cristante’s team got a golden victory, although there could have been more goals.

Xolos remains winless, it’s a tie and a loss at the start of the Clausura 2023 for Ricardo Valiño’s team.

The collation moved and At minute 12, a penalty was scored for a handball by Rodrigo Godínezwith which the Braves went up on the scoreboard at 14′, when Jesus Duenas scored from the 11 steps and thus put the 1-0.

Those from Tijuana tried Y at 19′ there was a shot that he took hastily Alejandro Arribasand the Spaniard, still flirting with the own goal, ended up removing the danger.

Little by little, those from Juárez took possession of the ball and Lezcano made the second of the night and first in his personal account, by finishing off in a spectacular way from head to center of Maximiliano Olvera and thus put the 2-0.

Before the break, Alfredo Talavera saved the Braves by stopping a shot at 45′ crushed by Lucas Rodríguez, when he was already defeated, but due to the calm of the auction, he was able to redo it.

Already in the second half, Lezcano made it 3-0 at 53′, finishing off with his shoulderafter removing the mark from the Chilean defender, Nicolás Díaz, leaving doubt if the goalkeeper, José Antonio Rodríguez could do more to help the Xolos.

The duel continued with some approximations, but the marker did not move and the Braves had a big win at home; the Xolos do not walk in the Clausura 2023.

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