Fear The Walking Dead: What We Suspect About The Series’ Lowest-Paid Actors

It is true that all the cast members of Fear the Walking Dead do a fantastic job, but some of them have a very low net worth for their participation in the show, which is why they are the lowest paid in the drama.

The popular spin-off of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Deadbegan its debut in 2015, becoming a total success and is currently being broadcast on AMC. Although the cast members that started the post-apocalyptic horror drama have changed drastically, only a few originals remain. But, as the show progressed, new actors and some from the original series joined. However, some of them have a very low net worth for their participation.

It is true that the actors who have the most net worth in the series Fear The Walking Dead are: Maggie Grace (To the), Jenna Elfman (JuneDorie), Ruben Blades (Daniel Salazar). Due to their long career as actors and singers. But, some of the cast members who have had a big role on the show have much smaller net worth.

Austin Amelio has a net worth of $1 Million dollars

Fear The Walking Dead: Austin Amelio Has A Net Worth Of $1 Million

The actor austin amelio he was once one of the most hated villains on the main series The Walking Dead, playing Dwight. But, after several events that happened, he redeemed himself and left behind his old group Los Salvadores, to look for his wife. Some time later he met the group in Fear the Walking Deadwhich marked Amelio’s official crossover with the spin-off and making him a main cast member of the show.

It is true that Astin Amelio He hasn’t accumulated many credits yet, which may be why his net worth is still very low. Despite having appeared in some short films. But according to CelebrityNetWorth the star has a net worth of $1 million dollars and that she has been slowly building up with her involvement in Fear The Walking Dead.

Mo Collins has a net worth of $600,000 dollars

Fear The Walking Dead: Mo Collins Has A Net Worth Of $600,000

That’s right, the actress Mo Collins who plays Sarah Rabinowitz since season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, has a net worth of just $600,000 dollars. Although it has increased a bit with the last few seasons of the show. She is considered to be the one with the least patrimony, despite the role that she plays in the series, who has contributed great arcs and helps the other characters in the series. AMC.

However, it’s surprising that this comedic talent, best known for his long-running role and memorable characters and celebrity impressions on the MadTV sketch comedy series, has yet to break the million dollar mark. Unfortunately, it seems that it will continue to be so, because, according to rumors and theories, the star could leave Fear The Walking Dead for season 8 which will begin production in late 2022.

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