Featherweight reveals how much she paid for the dress she wore to the 2023 VMAs Grupo Milenio

Peso Pluma, famous Corridos Tumbados singer, keeps giving something to talk about after his successful performance mtv video music awards 2023 Where he performed his hit ‘Lady Gaga’. In addition, the dress used by the singer and her presentation on the red carpet also caused a flurry of compliments that went viral on social networks.

the sensation that is created Featherweight Revealed Because of His Wardrobe this would be an excessive amount The singer spent his first appearance looking fabulous VMAs,

Featherweight at the MTV VMAs Twitter

Hasan Kabande LaizaThe singer’s real name, the amount of money she spent for her dress to be used at the VMAs, shares her voice.

This was via an interview with the TikToker ,@christoomoove- The singer revealed how much money he invested in his costumes used during his presentation At the VMAs. According to information disclosed by the singer himself, he spent about two and a half million pesos In that look.

  • Specs: 17,097 Mexican pesos, one thousand dollars
  • Earrings: 170 thousand 965 Mexican pesos, 10 thousand dollars
  • Chain: 683 thousand 862 Mexican pesos, 40 thousand dollars
  • Vest: 68 thousand 386 Mexican pesos, 4 thousand dollars
  • Shirt: 8 thousand 548 Mexican pesos, 500 dollars
  • Watch: 1 lakh 196 thousand 759 Mexican pesos, 70 thousand dollars
  • Pants: 20,515 Mexican pesos, $1,200
  • Rick Owens Tennis: 20,515 Mexican Pesos, mil 200 dollars
  • Gloves: 8,548 Mexican pesos, $500

So far, The video reaches more than 8 million reproductions And hundreds of comments from Internet users who reacted to the exorbitant amount of money he spent featherweight In her dress for the famous awards.

“She cost me my whole life with her outfit”; “Hassan with pants for a store”; “I’m not a fan but he looks great”; “Featherweight in his Kanye West era”; “This is an example of how if you speak English in the artistic world, it sets you up for success”; “Cousin, give me an earring”, were some of the comments on the original video.

This was the featherweight presentation at the VMAs 2023


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