Featherweight wins MTV Awards with iconic song ‘Lady Gaga’: Video

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The featherweights were presented at the MTV Awards 2023 last night To perform one of her biggest hits, “Lady Gaga”, who performed amid screams and thunder of trumpets meaningful presentation For his followers. with “To old Mexico”, The artist drives the audience crazy with the famous song he shares Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros.

Everyone wore black clothes and dark glasses Showed how high she has reached, as not everyone attends this type of event with world-class celebrities like Shakira. Taylor Swift who enjoyed the presentation of the native of Guadalajara, Karol G, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and many others.

Video of featherweight presentation at MTV Awards

Although that artist is not very dear to many managed to break all the barriers And give one of those renditions of what will definitely be one of their best performances, so go and sing along yourself: “Dom Perignon Lady Gaga, glasses on her face.”

Comments on social networks cannot be missing and the most notable are the following: “Many people criticize, but he is there”, “I am not a fan, but how nice it is that Mexican music is heard regardless of genre”, “No matter what many people say, the child is not ashamed. Coming to Mexico”, “Your efforts are paying off”“There’s no better musical genre than regional Mexican” and “In good times for Double P.”

Although many people think it is something “wrong”, that “it is not the same as rock” and that even the best times of the music have passed, the reality is that the emergence of new genres is always followed by rejection. In society, this is what happened with acclaimed rock, something is prohibited, but tastes depend on each person, the only thing left to do is to enjoy a good tune and the shocking sound of the instruments.

Definitely, featherweight Having managed to “break it” amid screams and applause while singing “Lady Gaga” at the MTV Awards, now another challenge awaits him, with the presentation he will be involved in CDMX Soul Forum.

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