Feces-based tablets improve the health of our microbiota

This is what medicine made from feces looks likeImage: Javier Benedicto

  • The tablets, like many others, are sampled and made into freeze-dried capsules.

  • Josue Jara, stool donor: “I never got sick, it seemed like I had a pretty strong immune system”

  • Not all people’s poop is beneficial, only 2% of the population is, so careful research is being done.

exist fecal tabletsvery effective treatment for improving many diseases associated with our microbiota. The news team spoke with several patients and the stool donor. Josué Jara was the ideal candidate to donate his feces, and he admits: “I was never sick, it seemed like I had quite strong immunity

Josue Jara had to go through very thorough exam. He explains: “They do blood tests, stool tests, there are a lot of requirements to meet. “It tells you that you can’t do drugs, alcohol or be sedentary.” This is because every person’s feces are useless, but only feces 2% of the population.

Rosa del Campo, microbiologist at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, comments: “We had to reject people very good for having slightly high cholesterol. Trip outside Spain, six months without donations; tattoo or piercing, six months no donations.” It is an altruistic act in which a person gives one sample every two weekswhich helps many people.

“This is a relatively common problem, especially in women.”

Alejandra is one of the beneficiaries of these bowel movements based treatments and has been working with them for five years. recurrent urine infections. Carmen Quereda, an infectious disease doctor at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, says: “This is a relatively common problem, especially in women. This implies use of antibiotics very common with all the side effects it entails.

Alejandra acknowledges how the disease makes her feel: “With discomfort, with a feeling of pain. You take one antibiotic and it comes back, you take another and it comes back, and it goes on and on.” That was until she passed local transfer of microbiota. Alejandra assures: “They give you antibiotics to destroy the innate flora. The tablets are large and do not make you sick. normal tablets

“We use their poop to give it to other people who need it.”

The tablets are the same as many others, they take a sample and become freeze-dried capsules with bacteria from a healthy donor. Rosa del Campo explains: “We use their feces to give it to other people who need it.” Rosa del Campo says: “Many cancer patients are given antibiotics, and the chemotherapy treatments themselves also affect the bacteria. People who do not respond to cancer treatment their microbiota is changed the donor is the person who responded.”

All of this is made using material that until recently was discarded. Rosa del Campo states: “It is true that it has always been believed that these microorganisms are not important because was what fell. Collecting a sample is very easy because we all go to the toilet every day. Understand that feces total 12 meters of intestine” The future is here, we will try to regulate it as a medicine because it has already been proven to be a simple, safe and effective method.

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