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A new year has begun and with it comes new resolutions. Play sports, take care of your diet, get away from bad habits… Most of these desires that we set ourselves on the first day of January are closely related to self-care and the fact of improving as people, with bring out our best version. Because feeling good inside and out is key in our day to day by generating more self-confidence.

And, in this task of making us feel better, both internally and externally, aesthetic medicine has an increasing presence. A sector in which both aesthetic medicine laboratories and Allergan Aestheticsan AbbVie company, as clinics with expert professionals in the field, join forces to help you reinforce that security and confidence.

allergan aesthetics

Allergan Aesthetics

In recent years, aesthetic medicine has taken a great step in scientific progress in order to improve these practices and make them as genuine as possible. For this, it has been investigated in depth in the matter, coming to detect the importance, among other things, of observing the face as a whole. and for it An exhaustive diagnosis of each person who comes to the consultation is key, allowing you to respect your individuality and detect what you really need. Dr. Wanda Medina, a professional in aesthetic medicine, already explains it: “You have to evaluate, ask questions little by little to reach that complex, analyzing the facial or body structures globally.”

In aesthetic medicine, diagnosis is key to each procedure

But not only self-confidence is relevant, but also the one we maintain with the aesthetician when starting a treatment. It is that relationship that is created from the first moment you enter the clinic where security is forged, because we know that we put ourselves in professional hands. And each patient is unique. No features are exactly the same as other people’s, nor is inner health, and that’s why that previous diagnosis is completely personalizedin order to offer results similar to the naturalness and essence of the patient.

allergan aesthetics

Allergan Aesthetics

For this, doctor-patient communication is also very important. The physical changes that we want to see, the complexes that we have, and even if we suffer from any health problem, no matter how small, we must notify the expert, and from that moment on, “you trust his training, professionalism, and good conduct, also giving you the confidence to work on your facial features and general characteristics to enhance them», commented Dr. Medina. And it is that, sometimes, we are not able to identify by ourselves in front of the mirror what it is that makes us look more tired or older, and this is where the experience of the medical-esthetician will help us to make visible what factors or areas of our face are transmitting those signs of tiredness or anger that do not match how we really feel.

Starting the year with attitude and self-confidence is important, because the best experiences come when we are comfortable with our being, inside and out. And, for this, on our side we have the professionals in aesthetic medicine: willing to help us take control of how we present ourselves to the world, how we feel every morning when we get up and dedicate our time to what we consider important in life.

In collaboration with Allergan Aesthetics an AbbVie Company. (ES-AGNA-230007).

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