Fefita La Grande removes special powers from the businessman over his inheritance and passes them on to his five children

The accordionist and leader of the typical women’s movement Fefita La Grande annulled the agreement that granted special powers to businessman Eladio Castro to organize his final farewell and related activities in the event of his eventual death.

The Great Sovereign, who is in good health, makes it clear in the new notarial document, that his five children will be the absolute responsible of the management, organization and planning of any activity related to his death, as well as the creation of a museum in his native Santiago Rodríguez, a possible headquarters in Santiago, as well as his musical work, among other projects.

The accordionist’s decision was made known by the lawyer Carmen Olivo Morel, who from now on is the artist’s legal representative in this case.

“Our dear Fefa is fully entitled and powers to make the changes it deems pertinent and this is a very personal and particular desire of the artist” said the lawyer.

The agreement that is without effect with Castro, was signed last February at his residence in this city.

What does remain unchanged in the new legally registered document is the artist’s wish that her remains be buried in her homeland, Santiago Rodríguez, and that her belongings, recognitions and personal items form part of a museum project in the land that saw her born, with the intention of preserving her legacy in the line of typical music and that new generations know her career.

Fefita La Grande, 77 years old, is one of the most charismatic and beloved Dominican artists, in her musical career she has paraded the typical merengue through the most important stages in the world, becoming a great icon.

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