Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis tied it against Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!


85′ The Mexican Andrés Guardado enters for Guido at Betis.

84 & # 39; Enter Ansu Fati for Raphinha in Barcelona.

83′ TER STEGEN! Good play by Fekir, taking the ball out of nowhere, and it is Miranda who defines at the far post, crashing into the German porter.

81′ The position of ‘Lewy’ was reviewed again by the VAR that was enabled, but it is Ferran who participates in the action who is offside.


79′ Marcos Alonso and Christensen enter for Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba in Barcelona.

78′ Great play by Luiz Henrique inside the area and touches for a Fekir who beats Ter Stegen’s cabin with his left foot to equalize the score 1-1.


75′ Great play by Raphinha who ends up gaining speed and sending a cross looking for Lewandowski, but Bravo deflects it.

74 & # 39; Marcos Alonso already receives instructions on the bench to enter and Raphinha is reprimanded.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

72′ Guido’s distant shot that Ter Stegen catches without any problem.

70′ Last 20 minutes of the game. Right now, Barcelona will face Real Madrid in the Super Cup final.

68 & # 39; Yellow for Luiz Henrique for protesting.

67′ William José enters for Borja Iglesias at Betis. Little ‘Panda’ during the match.

66′ The actions resume and Fekir was looking for Miranda, who reached the bottom line and wanted to finish it instead of centering. What an opportunity the side missed.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

64 & # 39; Strong blow between Guido and Araujo in a jump after a corner kick. The two on the ground and the assists enter.

63 & # 39; Changes in Barcelona: Dembélé and De Jong left for Ferran and Busquets.

62′ Dembélé did it all, who entered the area and cut, but his right-footed shot went just wide.

60′ The Barca bench moves. Ferran and Busquets are going to enter at any moment.

58 & # 39; Dembélé’s center that Ruibal clears when Gavi wanted to arrive.

55′ What a fight between Iglesias and Araujo. The Uruguayan was strong to clear the band and prevent the striker from advancing.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

52 & # 39; Barcelona moves throughout the field. Betis stands well behind.

50 & # 39; Betis free kick that is wasted. Carvalho was offside at the time of the shot.

48 & # 39; Yellow for Fekir. The first admonished of the match.

47 & # 39; Alba’s center that Lewandowski and Raphinha cannot connect in an incredible way, although the Pole was offside.

46 & # 39; Betis made a change after the break: Canales left for William Carvalho.


WE ARE GOING TO REST! Barcelona is beating Betis by the minimum thanks to a goal from its star striker, Robert Lewandowski.

45 + 1 & # 39; Betis does not give up and seeks to tie the game before the break.

45′ Only two minutes are added to the first half.

43 & # 39; Dembélé’s center that nobody finishes off and Lewandowski stars a shot in Canales after the rebound.

Lewandowski’s goal that has Barcelona ahead.

41 & # 39; Lewandowski manages to open the scoring by beating Bravo inside the area after a rebound and a play by Dembélé. The azulgrana team wins 1-0.


38 & # 39; Miranda puts it on the penalty spot, but Koundé clears it with a header.

35 & # 39; Betis’s shot does not arrive! Luiz Henrique put it on and the ball went around the area, touching the rower Borja Iglesias and Rodri.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

33 & # 39; Ter Stegen’s courageous exit to catch a pass from Canales to Miranda, who arrived alone.

31′ CLOSE THE BETIS! Great take out of Ter Stegen as he could to Pezzella’s header after a corner.

30′ Half an hour of the game is over. Barcelona keeps trying and Betis waits to go against it.

29′ Dembélé’s center from the right to the near post cleared by Pezzella.

27′ Quick Koundé to win the race for Borja Iglesias, who was looking for a ball into Ruibal’s hole.

25′ PEDRI’S GOAL DOES NOT COUNT! Raphinha was barely ahead when she fired her cross from the right. The play was reviewed by VAR and we are still 0-0.

24 & # 39; Rapinha’s great center and Pedri appears alone inside the area to connect with the right and beat Claudio Bravo’s goal.


twenty-one’ WOW! Borja Iglesias wanted to get into the kitchen, Sergi Roberto cuts back and Ter Stegen has to burst because the ball got into him.

20 & # 39; Ter Stegen was complicated at the start and had to throw it to the band under pressure from Fekir.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

17′ Lewandowski now fails to finish off with a header to another cross, this time from Raphinha from the right.

16′ ROBERT HAD IT! Dembélé’s great center from the left and Lewandowski could not connect it fully when he entered alone. The Pole loses it.

14′ Fantasy play by Dembélé for Alba and the center of the side is cut off by the Betic defense.

12 & # 39; Good start for Barcelona, ​​charging the area a lot coming from both sides.

10′ Lewandowski heel! The Pole tried with his back inside the area, although he hit the air.

9 & # 39; Raphinha closed corner kick that Bravo clears with fists. The goalkeeper hurts, who has taken a blow.

8′ More control and possession of Barça, although Betis does not give up having the ball and is protecting itself well at the moment.

LIVE: Fekir beats Ter Stegen and Betis ties Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup!

6′ Long displacement by Luiz Felipe for Borja Iglesias, but short of Koundé’s head.

5 & ​​# 39; De Jong’s pass is too long and Dembélé cannot reach inside the area.

3 & # 39; He tries to surprise Luiz Henrique from midfield, but it doesn’t work out and he leaves for the bottom line. Ter Stegen was ahead.

2′ Raphinha tries it on the right but the low cross goes directly into the hands of Bravo.

1 & # 39; Betis presses high the exit from behind Barcelona. Statement of intents.


– Barcelona is looking for its fourteenth Spanish Super Cup title. While Betis still does not know what it is to win this tournament.

– All set at the King Fahd Stadium. Both teams leave the field of play.

The Barcelona is measured today against the Betis (1:00 PM) in the second semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup, which is played in Saudi Arabia in the form of a ‘final four’, seeking to extend his good moment at the beginning of the year.

The Barcelona board of directors hated Messi and the WhatsApp messages were leaked

For that commitment, Xavi he leaves captain Busquets on the bench and bets on De Jong, Pedri and Gavi in ​​the midfield. Upstairs will be Dembélé, Raphinha and Lewandowski.

It should be remembered that the Polish scorer is available for these matches and the punishment only covers the days of the Spanish league.


Betis: Bravo; Ruibal, Pezzella, Luiz Felipe, Miranda; Guido, Rodri, Luiz Henrique, Canales and Borja.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Araujo, Koundé, Jordi Alba; De Jong, Gavi, Pedri; Dembele, Lewandowski and Raphinha.

Schedule: 1:00 PM from Honduras.

Transmission: sky sports.

Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande.

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