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I’ve had four kickboxing classes and I’m already reviewing the world ranking of the best female boxers of all time. The enthusiastic character is like that. Laila Ali, Lucia Rijker, Katie Taylor, Amanda Serrano. I have promoted the gym more than if it were mine or me, a network prescriber. Neither of the two conditions is true but the gym exists, it is black and the classes last 47 minutes. Cardio to death. Gyms are like nudist beaches and swimming pools, once you enter you get rid of everything. It doesn’t matter if you are an architect, code programmer, cleaner or cook. May your bank account add three zeros or six. That you have read all of Stendhal, Joyce and Despentes, the putosmodernos posts on Instagram or the Carrefour brochures. They generate the equality of the hair attached to the forehead in a microcosm where there are only jackets, gloves and tight leggings, a thunderous Scandinavian hard rock and some screams of marines jumping on the musical concrete. Bag-Floor- Bag-Abdominals-Bag-Burpees-Bag-Push-ups. You leave out worries and reflections and take out anger, impotence, the energy you have left over and the desire to have fun because this is quite self-parody. The last few minutes of the first class I spent laughing as he seemed to hit it hard because I found out that he was not following the pattern of the blows, he was just dancing with the gloves against the bag. You’re not Laila Ali or Rocky Marciano, darling, you’re more of a Beyoncé but without her hair and marble Ionian legs. I’m not the oldest in the place either, although the third one is the same. And I think that amuses the monitor, who could be my son without forcing biology, when I am corrected by freedom of spirit. Hitting it hard feels great. We also do it outside the gym. This same Wednesday, female boxers fill the streets. I am moved by that unity above a thousand differences, the one that even government partner parties do not achieve (what a sad spectacle to see them hit each other in the ring). And I am also moved by the relay, my son with his banner painted with markers at school after asking me what title I could give it, Together we are unstoppable. Friends, friends… Gloves inside!

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