Fenugreek | The superfood that enlarges the buttocks, reduces cholesterol and fights anemia

After the excesses of the end of the year, the beginning of the year is hard and there are many who seek to recover healthy habits, with the practice of exercise and with a healthy diet that allows us to purge those extra kilos or centimeters gained at festive times. Or, simply, there are those who opt for a lifestyle where they control their lines or improve certain aspects of their health.

It is logical not to resort to miracle diets and remedies of dubious origin, since there are health risks for not being controlled and based on scientific studies. As we always recommend, the ideal is to put yourself in the hands of dietetics and nutrition professionalswho are the ones who can best advise on how to improve health by choosing food well.

There are many alternatives to get in shape or seek physical well-being, but one of the preferred alternatives is the consumption of so-called superfoods. These foods are used for aspects as diverse as lowering cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular diseases, losing weight or any other healthy motivation, which is why they are highly sought after products.

These superfoods are characterized by the qualities they possess, because they are natural products that are easy to find in supermarkets or different shops, and because they are easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Perhaps one of the unknown superfoods for many but with great properties is the fenugreekalso know as fenugreek.

Fenugreek has an Asian origin and is characterized by having a flavor similar to nuts and burnt caramel, and having both medicinal and culinary uses; besides that it can be consumed both in leaves (cooked and raw) and in seeds as a condiment. It can also be found in capsule format and has multiple properties:

1. Increase muscle mass

It is a good supplement to promote the growth of muscles or buttocks if its intake is accompanied by physical exercise, since it stimulates the production of hormones that contributes to increasing muscle mass.

2. Fights anemia

Fenugreek provides a large amount of iron in the body and many other nutrients that contribute to the increase in the creation of red blood cells that make anemia remit in those who consume it.

3. Reduces bad cholesterol

It helps reduce excess bad cholesterol in our body, since it prevents its absorption into the blood, thus preventing cardiovascular accidents and is recommended in diets for people with high cholesterol.

4. Stimulates the appetite

It is recommended for people who suffer from anorexia or have appetite problems, since its proteins and carbohydrates improve the body.

5. Stimulation of intestinal transit

Being high in fiber, it favors intestinal transit.

6. Recommended for diabetics

It is a food that helps control blood sugar and reduces the absorption of glucose by the body.

It should be noted that this information is only indicative and of a general nature. Any specific case should be consulted with a professional.

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