Fernando Hierro revealed that Chivas did not want to sell players

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Fernando Hierrosports director of Guadalajara, revealed that they sought to sign more reinforcements for the team facing Closing 2023, but there were clubs that they did not want to sell them and that is why they bet on elements such as Victor Guzman or the return of Ronaldo Cisneros.

“There are players who can come, there are players who cannot come, There are teams that do not want to transfer players. That is to say, even if we want to put the names we want, then there is a reality: and reality is economic. If the club does not want to sell, we have spoken with people who we understood could reinforce ourselves but if they do not want to sell it. It is one thing to say the names and then the reality. Reality leads us to the fact that we have been lucky enough to find both Víctor and Dani because of what Chivas means to them,” he said. Iron in press conference.

For this reason, the directive proposed multiplayer return What Alexander Mayorga, Cisnerosin addition to giving the opportunity to young people like Zahid Munozwho was participating in the Cup for Mexico.

“We have a lot of people like Zahid, Busquets, Puente, Tepa who have helped us a lot in this cup and then a volume that will boost us a lot. The fact of both Ronaldo Cisneros and Carlos Cisneros. the theme of Guzmán, de Ríos, de Alvarado, de Alexis, the theme of JJ (Macías) what in a short time you will be with us and that we think we have a competitive squad”, he explained.

‘I don’t set a limit with Chivas’: Hierro

Over the goals of GuadalajaraHierro clarified that there is no limit to the Closing 2023 beyond the obligation to qualify for the Liguilla to fight for the League title, which has been denied to the herd since 2017.

“How far can we go? I do not set limits. Life and the world of football have taught me that this is daily work, and that is what will make you reach the Final with options. I am not going to fall into the decision of how far we can go but honestly I am very happy with the day to day from my sports management, with Amaury, with the Council, the treatment with the players, with the coach, what made me very happy is to see this stadium full”, he pointed out and recalled that the December 30 they were playing a Final with the Cup for Mexico.

​“We couldn’t win the Final but the team left its soul and that is the way and it is that I do not know any other way than to leave the soul every week, and at the end of the League we will assess how far we can go “

Defend Wacho Jiménez

Secondly, Iron defended the goalkeeper Miguel Jimenezwho has been the target of criticism for some goalkeeper failures.

“It is logical, reasonable. We are going to respect all the opinions, all the comments, we are clear that He is a goalkeeper with a present and a future and that is my call that all together we are going to be much stronger”, he pointed out.

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