Fernando Ortiz, coach who has never missed his stage as a player

The step of the condition footballer to former footballer it is usually a complicated transition for those who have lived through it; even with clinical consequences. But there are those who not only did not suffer from it, but even enjoyed it. One case is that of Ferdinand Ortizthe technician who returned America to competition in the tournamentwhen it seemed that everything was already lost.

The America of Fernando Ortiz

the now america coach enjoy what he does from the bench, enjoy this stage; and that is noticeable when witnessing running eagleswho are -in addition- with an advantage due to their position in the table over the Puebla in the series of Quarter finals that confronts these teams.

In the year 2016two after he retired as a professional footballer playing for Racing in Argentinathe tano ortiz became coach of the reserve team of Students from La Plata and a year later he left for Paraguay to sit on the club bench Sun of America.

I don’t miss being a player or those previous moments that I lived in matches as transcendental as these”, confesses the former defender; just like that, with the sincerity and clarity with which he exposes his ideas who has nothing to hide.

I enjoy planning and thinking about meetingsfrom my place as technical director”, he added in 2019 for 221 Radius; he still did not imagine that he would end up directing the America in critical conditions and that, as up to now, it would come out ahead.

In the beginning of Ortiz in the lower categories of Rat Prickwas able to capture his different game ideas, he did it in one of the most popular paintings of Argentina and that has given the world several renowned coaches, no less than Charles Bilardoone of them.

The tano ortiz he was always a soccer student; even in his time as a player he could read the rivals well, he analyzed them, and that helped him with his performance in the games.

“He was always a quiet and observant guy who had a talent that saw things to solve them, he was a positive leader and I saw him as a coach and take all the learning”, he declared to Lucas Ayala halftimewho coincided with Ortiz in his time as players in UANL Tigers.

Ortiz revived America in this Clausura 2022made several changes to the game scheme and many others in the team’s day-to-day, situations that were lost with the previous coach Santiago Solari, such as the contact between the figure of the coach and the players, in addition to restoring their confidence. Today Ortiz’s formula faces its litmus test and on it could depend, in addition, his continuity in that coveted bench.

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