Ferrari, the SUV that looks like it came out of Minecraft arrives: it’s something absurd

Ferrari produced a record-breaking SUV, the Purosangue, which now comes in an even more extreme version.

In the home ferrari The production of sports and luxury cars has always been its trademark, and the ability to always improve its products is truly noteworthy. The first electric car in the brand’s history will arrive in 2025 and is about to begin its road tests.

Lapo Elkann's Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari, this model will surely not go unnoticed –

Before her, Ferrari also presented the first SUV in its history: the Pure blood, proving to have changed a lot in its approach to the market. A crazy version of this model was recently seen and posted on social media, where it caused quite a stir.

The Instagram pagesupercarrosemportugalpublished a truly sensational image, which portrays a Ferrari Purosangue in the .. Minecraft version, which seems to be inspired by the graphics of the famous video game. According to rumors, it would be the new jewel of Lapo Elkannthat is, the brother of the president of Cavallino John, someone who certainly has no problem acquiring such a gem.

Ferrari, here is Lapo Elkann’s Purosangue

As you can see in the image, it is obviously a customized model and is not for sale, but Lapo has us used to things of this type with other cars as well. On Sunday, the scion of the Agnelli family went crazy with joy the victory of Carlos Sainz in F1 at the Singapore GP, and such an SUV from the Prancing Horse is the best way to celebrate this milestone.

The customization of the Purosangue is already a custom at Ferrari, since even Piero, Enzo’s son, had shown everyone his little gem made to measure. Although it is a crossover, far from the DNA of the Prancing Horse, This model is achieving exceptional success.that exceeded the leaders’ wildest expectations.

Ferrari Purosangue customized by Lapo Elkann
Lapo Elkann’s customized Ferrari Purosangue –

The presentation took place a little over a year ago, and the price of 385,000 euros did not scare away those who wanted it. The engine is a prodigious V12, one of those that are seen less and less now, naturally aspirated and gasoline, without the help of hybrid systems, and the sound makes it clear how unique this engine can be, like those of the past that are now disappearing from the circulation.

The maximum power is 725 horsepower, with a maximum speed of 310 km/h, making it one of the fastest SUVs on the market. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in just 3.3 seconds, supercar performance that makes us understand how incredible the work done on this model has been, and why everyone loves it.

The good Lapo, as always, chose an easily recognizable car, with which he will travel at full speed through Portugal, a country where he has resided for some time after his marriage. The Purosangue is out of stock until 2026, despite orders still coming in, and is on track to become one of Ferrari’s best-selling models.

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