Few buy this fish rich in antioxidants and vitamin C from the light and tasty flesh that accelerates the metabolism

Fish is a food that should never be missing from our meal plan. In fact, it is recommended by dieticians and nutritionists at least twice a week. Like this vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, considered the king of the Mediterranean diet, fish is just as healthy and a source of protein.

As we know, in a healthy and balanced diet, just like the Mediterranean diet, all the macronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body must be present: proteins, fibers, carbohydrates and lipids.

Fish, in addition to being an excellent source of protein, is a substantial and at the same time light food, particularly suitable for low-calorie diets. In fact, it is low in calories, especially oily fish, and a good source of omega 3, which is necessary for heart health.

But the list of healthy fish doesn’t end there. Maybe not everyone knows it, which is why few buy this fish rich in antioxidants and vitamin C with a light and tasty meat that accelerates the metabolism.

The perch

Perch is a freshwater fish, which is also found in rivers and lakes and lagoons. In Italy it is very present especially near the regions where the major lakes are located. Like most fish, perch is also low in calories. And in fact, 100 grams of product contains about 90 calories, a large part of which come from proteins.

Precisely for this reason, perch is among the best fish with high quantities of this macronutrient, essential for the functioning of the organism. In addition, it contains many vitamins including C and A, which are necessary for the development of strong and healthy bones and teeth and for strengthening the immune system.

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Few buy this fish rich in antioxidants and vitamin C from the light and tasty flesh that accelerates the metabolism

In addition to containing important vitamins, perch contains some mineral salts such as magnesium, selenium and zinc which would help speed up the metabolism. For a healthier diet it is advisable to fillet it and cook the slices in a pan or in the oven, even if it releases all its goodness through frying.

On the one hand, the perch contains antioxidants, proteins and minerals. On the other hand, it has a flaw that should not be underestimated: it is a source of saturated fat. Therefore it is recommended to consume it in moderation, about once a week and to keep the fish weight no more than 100 gr.


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