Few people know that in addition to an annuity of up to 1,300 euros, the housewives also receive retirement

The work of housewives, in many respects, could be considered dangerous and even exhausting. Taking care of the house every day, household chores and looking after the family is certainly not insignificant. For the serenity of the family this role is fundamental, even if it is sometimes underestimated especially by those who benefit most from it.

Fortunately, our legislator, aware of its importance, has provided various forms of protection and social security in favor of those who carry out this role.

Yet few know that in addition to an income of up to 1,300 euros, housewives also receive retirement. In fact, those who perform this role are obliged to take out insurance with INAIL. This allows, in the event of disability due to a domestic accident, to obtain coverage of up to 1,300 euros per month. In this regard, in fact, the allowance or annuity to housewives arrives only if you are insured, according to the terms and methods provided by INAIL.

But in addition to this, there is also a fund fed by the housewife in which all the contributions paid converge, in order to guarantee a pension, albeit minimal. All those who perform this role can enroll, both men and women from 16 years of age up to 65 years.

Few people know that in addition to an annuity of up to 1,300 euros, the housewives also receive retirement

Therefore, if accidents occur during household chores with consequent permanent disability, the housewife will be entitled to receive compensation. In fact, not only 300 euros could come from INAIL but also an income in case of these domestic accidents. In particular, if the accident results in an inability between 6% and 15%, the housewife can receive a one-off amount of 300 euros. monthly. This ranges from a minimum of € 106.02 up to a maximum of around € 1,300.

With a minimum of 5 years of contributions, the old-age pension is 57 years old

Furthermore, if the housewife has signed up to the Pension Fund, the pension she will receive can be cumulated with other income or treatments. But the contributions paid cannot be combined or reunited with those credited to other administrations. To obtain the housewives pension, in addition to being registered in the Fund, it is necessary to have paid at least 5 years of contributions. The age for obtaining the housewives pension is 57, provided that the allowance is at least 1.2 times the amount of the social allowance. It goes without saying that the greater the contributions paid, the greater the amount due. Furthermore, a very important thing to keep in mind is that the payment of contributions is completely deductible from the personal income tax.


The pension or annuity of up to almost 1,300 euros for the housewife in these situations

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