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The appointment of TOP 5 on the pages of and we resume this week probing the market for best-selling cars in Italy in 2021. Exactly, it is time to take stock in these first days of 2022 after another “terrible” year for the Italian market but with a slight positive sign of + 5.53% compared to registrations in 2020; year of lock down. So the total registrations have passed by 1,381,496 in 2020 to 1,457,952 cars in 2021. Certainly a timid sign of recovery but woe to compare these market data to the near 2019, the year before Covid, when the cars sold in Italy they were nearly half a million more. The causes of the sales slump we know them well and they can be summarized in economic uncertainty from pandemic, with the addition of the chip crisis which has postponed the delivery of the new models they car incentives of an inorganic nature. Despite a not exactly “rosy” situation in the TOP 5 ranking of best-selling cars there are some certainties and important news. Let’s see together which ones.

Fiat Panda

The undisputed queen of the market is once again there Fiat Panda which closes the year with an incredible figure of 112,298 units sold. It is appropriate to say that the Fiat Panda creates a vacuum around itself by selling a number of cars that is much higher two and a half times compared to the second car on the podium step. The recipe for the success of Panda in our country it must be sought in its design aimed at practicality which to each new generation seems to gradually “soften”, passing from squarer shapes to softer ones today. There new Fiat Panda it is immediately recognizable thanks to its distinctive style and small size in 3.69 meters in length, 1.61 meters in height and 1.67 meters in width with a wheelbase of 2.30 meters. In fact, the Panda is a perfect car both for being agile in traffic and for having a good interior habitability with a trunk which goes from 225 to 870 liters of capacity with the rear sofa folded down. In addition, in terms of on-board technology, practically nothing is missing with the infotainment system with 7-inch color touchscreen, DAB radio, and full compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The engines available for the Fiat Panda are: the 70 HP 1.0 Firefly hybrid engine, the 69 HP 1.2 LPG Fire engine, the 70 HP 0.9 Twin Air Natural Power methane and the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo petrol engine of the Panda 4 × 4. All engines are combined with the 6-speed manual gearbox. The price list Fiat Panda 2021 starts at 14,300 euros for the hybrid version, rises to 15,500 euros for the LPG version, passing through 17,650 euros for the methane version and up to 18,100 euros for the 4 × 4 version. The available versions are City Life, Sport, City Cross and Cross.

Fiat 500

In Italy we find al second place of the best-selling cars there Fiat 500 with 44,819 units registered. It is appropriate to say that from 2007 to today he has come a long way. There Fiat 500 is an icon and symbol of Made in Italy recognized around the world to such an extent that the first generation of 1950s is exposed to the MoMa of New York. A car that after the restyling of 2015, featuring new bumpers and headlights, continues to have many fans thanks to its unmistakable design and style combined with model town sizes with a length of just 3.57 meters. Inside, retro style reigns but with quality upholstery. L’homologation is for only 4 people on board and those sitting in the back will not have much room for head and legs. The luggage compartment capacity is also sacrificed on the altar of design due to the sloping tail with 185 liters available which become 550 liters with the rear seat folded down. The Uconnect infotainment system features a central touchscreen with 7-inch HD display with DAB radio and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are two bodies: hardtop or convertible with 500C. The fittings are: Sport, Red, Dolcevita, Connect and Cult. Two le engines available: the 69 HP 1.2 EasyPower 4-cylinder LPG and the 69 HP 3-cylinder 1.0 Hybrid. Prices from 16,250 to 19,150 euros for hybrid petrol versions and from 17,650 to 19,550 euros for those running on LPG.

Lancia Ypsilon

There Lancia Ypsilon is a true highlander for style and longevity on the market since the launch of its second generation took place way back in 2011, followed by two restylings in 2015 and 2021. She is the only model of Lancia present in the price list and in Italy it ranks al third place absolute with 43,735 units sold in 2021. Strong focus on his original style which manages to combine a modern style with retro touches, the practicality of the five doors with the rear well hidden thanks to the opening behind the windows and new grille and lights introduced with the latest restyling of 2021. There connectivity it is guaranteed by the integration of protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smartphones and the infotainment system with a 7 ”touchscreen that also integrates the DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connection as well as a USB port. The instrumentation is placed in the center of the dashboard with the manual gearbox with raised lever which is very comfortable in use. The quality of the interior finishes and seat upholstery is good, but if there is no shortage of space in front of those who sit on the rear sofa will be more sacrificed. The approval for 5 passengers is standard on the LPG version, it is paid separately for the hybrids and is not even present as an option for the methane version. About motorization the range consists of the 70 bhp 1.0 three-cylinder mild-hybrid petrol engine, the 69 bhp 1.2 LPG and the 70 bhp 0.9 turbo twin-cylinder CNG version. The scissors of price it is large and ranges from € 15,100 to € 19,900 with respect to the set-up and engine choice.

Jeep Renegade

There could not be in this TOP 5 a Compact SUV and al fourth place with 35,334 units we find the Jeep Renegade. She is the smallest Jeep on the market with 4.24 meters in length and is built in Italy sharing the platform with the Fiat 500X. Inside it feels like being in a bigger car with the raised driver’s seat that allows you to perfectly dominate the road. In addition the SUV bodywork allows you to load bulky objects even in height despite the luggage compartment capacity is not a record with a capacity of 351 liters keeping the 5 seats that become 1,297 by reclining the rear sofa. At the level of engines is presented with a 120 bhp 1.0 3-cylinder petrol engine, a 150 bhp 1.3 4-cylinder petrol engine with dual clutch automatic transmission, a 131 bhp 1.6 Multijet 4-cylinder diesel engine, a 190 bhp 1.3 turbo petrol plug-in hybrid and 240 HP both with the 4xe all-wheel drive and automatic transmission. Prices from 24,550 euros up to 43,150 euros for the specialist version of theoff-road Trailhawk.

Toyota Yaris

It is the only one of the TOP 5 which is not part of the Stellantis Group and which closes our 2021 sales ranking at a high level 32,634 units sold. We are talking about the Toyota Yaris, the legendary Japanese B segment that was the first compact subcompact with the hybrid system. Today the shapes and design of the fourth generation they are very sporty but the interior space is optimized to accommodate four adults comfortably while the luggage compartment turns out to be a bit smaller than rivals with its standard 286 liters. L’passenger compartment it has a minimal but modern style with the digital dashboard, rounded dashboard and 8-inch multimedia screen in the center of the dashboard. Sports version GR Circuit 4WD apart, since the Yaris bears only the name being in effect a registered rally car, those who choose the new Toyota Yaris do so almost exclusively to buy the “full” hybrid version or the 91 bhp 1.5 3-cylinder that promises miracles in terms of fuel consumption, reaching 30 km per liter in the city. If we should find a fault there is the typical noise of the “scooter effect” when the accelerator pedal is fully depressed where the engine, going up a lot of revs, makes itself felt excessively in the passenger compartment, breaking the magic of driving a particularly quiet hybrid car. For those who do not want to give up the manual gearbox (5-speed) there is the classic 1.0 three-cylinder petrol engine with 72 HP. THE prices of the Toyota Yaris start at € 18,300 for the petrol-only version, from € 22,150 for the hybrid and € 41,900 for the sporty GR 4WD version. has been selected by the new Google News service, if you want to always be updated on our news
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