FICM 2023 International Films – “Anatomy of a Fall”, “Poor Things” and “Memory” as part of the program

After announcing its official Mexican competition last month, the Morelia International Film Festival or FICM 2023 has announced the films of its international programming, including the winners of the Palme d’Or (anatomy of fall), Golden Lion (poor things) and the Golden Bear (on adamant), as well as tapes by Victor Aris, Aki Kaurismäki, Alexander Payne and others. This event will be held from 20 to 29 October 2022.

The festival will take place in Morelia in a hybrid version with in-person performances at Cinepolis Morelia Centro, Cinepolis Plaza Las Americas, Teatro Mariano Matamoros, Centro Cultural Universitario, Plaza Benito Juárez and Casa Natal de Morelos; Emperador Calzontzin Theater and Plaza Vasco de Quiroga in Pátzcuaro; While some functions in virtual format can be watched for free on Canal 22 and FilminLatino.

FICM is in selection for international premiere in 2023 anatomy of fallWhich continues its path towards the Oscars after its huge success at Cannes 2023. This French drama centers on a woman (Sandra Huller) who is suspected of murdering her husband, and faces a moral dilemma with her blind son as the only witness.

Also located in this section poor things, The film received an award at the 2023 Venice Film Festival. The most recent film from Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos tells the story of Bella, a young woman who is brought back to life by a scientist, but after spending years under his tutelage, she decides to run away to get away with him. . Lawyer Duncan. Her escape made her realize that her goal was to fight for freedom and equality. It stars Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe among others.

area of ​​interest One of the films raising hopes for FICM 2023. The film, directed by Jonathan Glazer, based on the 2014 novel by Martin Amis, follows the relationship between a Nazi officer and the wife of the commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The story is told through three characters: the officer, the commander, and a Jew.

Similarly, Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki presents his new feature film titled fallen leaves, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes 2023. The story depicts Ansa, a single woman who works as a stocker in a supermarket, but her life changes when she meets Halappa, an alcoholic and lonely man. Despite their differences, the two form a relationship that helps Halappa overcome his addiction.

Paul Giamatti (jungle cruise) Stars holdoverA film by Alexander Payne which was a finalist at the TIFF People’s Choice Award 2023. The film tells of the bond that develops between a stern history teacher and a troubled student during the Christmas holidays at a highly-prestigious boarding school.

At the FICM 2023 Grand Gala, MemoryMichel Franco’s most recent film starring Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard, which won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor at Venice 2023. The story follows a couple trying to build a relationship while dealing with trauma and dementia.

Documentary Winner of the Golden Bear at Berlinale 2023, atal on, will be presented by French film director Nicolas Philibert. The title closely follows patients and caregivers in a psychiatric institution that is housed in a floating structure L’Adamant Day CenterLocated on the Seine River in Paris.

Below we present the full list of screenings of the Morelia International Film Festival 2023:

international premiere

documentary film

  • A la Chaleur des Années Froides (In the heat of the cold years) Eytan Jahn and Darius Kaufman
  • A Season with Isabella Rossellini Marion Lacombe
  • A still small voice luke lorentzen
  • The Art of Eating – The Life of MFK Fischer gregory bezt
  • Celluloid Underground | ehsan khoshbakht
  • Cinema has been my true love: the work and times of Linda Miles mark cousins
  • Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project Joe Brewster and Michelle Stephenson
  • Petro sean mattison
  • Personal life of Jordi Molla and Domingo Zapata giuseppe ferlito
  • Rather Frank Marshall
  • Ricardo and painting barbet schroeder
  • Room 999 | lubna pleust
  • space race Lisa Cortes and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
  • Long live Varda! , Pierre-Henri Gibert


  • We are all strangers Andrew Haigh
  • Anatomy of a Fall Justin Triott
  • Aristotle and Dante discovered the secrets of the universe. ach alberto
  • Bunnell and Adama Ramta-Toule SY
  • (can’t) let it go Roy Szupper
  • Close your eyes Victor Aris
  • Imagination | Alice Rohrwacher
  • Club Zero jessica hausner
  • Conversation about hatred vera fogville
  • The Moon Killer Martin Scorsese
  • Settlers Felipe Galvez Haberle
  • criminal rodrigo moreno
  • L’Été Dernier | catherine brillat
  • Ex-husband noah pritzker
  • Fallen leaves aki kaurismaki
  • nails christos nikou
  • Goal Win | taika waititi
  • Holdover alexander payne
  • How to have sex Molly Manning-Walker
  • Wildcat | Ethan Hawke
  • I told you so. ginevra alkane
  • Affected | lucia puenzo
  • May December Todd Haynes
  • Perfect day Wim Wenders
  • Pet Shop Days | Olmo Schnabel
  • Poor creature. Yorgos Lanthimos
  • fundamentalist Christopher Zalla
  • Rapito Marco Bellocchio
  • Le Regne Animal | thomas kelly
  • Richelieu | Pierre-Philippe Chevigny
  • Robot Dreams | Pablo Burger
  • Shepherd Ian Softley
  • Teddy Ludovic Boucherma and Zoran Boucherma
  • Three brothers Francisco Joaquin Paparella
  • Area of ​​interest jonathan glazer

national premiere

  • Statement carlos carrera
  • Dante and solitude alexandra dela mora
  • Impression of lips Julian Hernandez
  • rain | Rodrigo Garcia Saez
  • Human Resources jesus magna
  • Taste of Christmas alejandro lozano
  • Female influencer carlos santos
  • Shadow of Catire Jorge Hernandez Aldana
  • straight marcelo tobar

special features

  • Lost in the night Amat Escalante
  • The eagle and the worm guitar shifter
  • Berlin people agustín valdez moncada
  • Copper Dining Room | Vika Garrido Canseco
  • Origin of Princesses Adrian Gonzalez-Camargo
  • Rebel Andrea Gautier and Tabatha Salinas
  • Michoacán File | Bernardo Arsuaga Cardenas
  • I am more dangerous dead. Matthew Berger
  • Macarius (1960) Roberto Gavaldon
  • Take me in your arms julio bracho
  • Math | Vuk Lungulov-Klotz
  • Mix Festival Short Program

critics week

  • Love gloria Marie Amachoukeli
  • Il plut dans la maison (It’s raining in the house) paloma preacher-babysitter
  • Inshallah Walad (Inshallah a boy) Amjad Al Rasheed
  • jam (sleep) jason u
  • Le Ravisement (The Rapture) iris kaltenbach
  • Levante (Power Alley) Lillah Halla
  • Lost Country Vladimir Perisic
  • Tiger Stripes | Amanda Nell Eu (winner of the Critics’ Week Grand Prize)

“Cinema Without Borders” program

  • Hummingbird Estefania Contreras and Silvia del Carmen Castaños
  • Going to University in Mariachi Sam Osborne and Alejandra Vasquez

Tribute to Fernando de Fuentes

  • Prisoner 13 (1933)
  • Compadre Mendoza (1933)
  • The Ghost of the Convent (1934)
  • The Dressel Family (1935)
  • Let’s Go with Pancho Villa (1936)
  • In Rancho Grande (1936)
  • Zandunga (1937)
  • Donna Barbara (1943)
  • The Woman Without a Soul (1944)

fantasy mexico

Special program from director Henry King, featuring films he filmed in Morelia.

  • Stella Dallas (1925)
  • The Captain from Castile (1947)
  • The Black Swan (1942)
  • 12 O’Clock High (1949)
  • The Gunfighter (1950)
  • The Sun Also Rises (1957)
  • The Bravados (1958)
  • King of the Movies – A Henry King Documentary (1978) | Phil Chilvers

Swadeshi Jan Manch

  • Buriti flower (Chrora) Renee Nader Mesora and Joao Salavieja

Jean Vigo Award

  • Saint Omer Alice Diop
  • Vishal | Sophie Letourneur

argentine black

  • The Black Vampire (1953) roman viñoly barreto
  • The Beast Must Die (1952) roman viñoly barreto

You can visit the official FICM 2023 page to know all the details of the event.

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