FIFA launches documentary about Bravas

Juarez City.- Bravas have defied customs, obstacles and even a hostile environment against women, to sow the seed of women’s soccer in Ciudad Juárez.

FIFA, through its digital platform, released a documentary about the women’s team from the border team, which is still unable to get off the ground in the Liga BBVA Femenil, but does not stop trying to be better every day.

The group made its appearance at the Apertura 2019 tournament, bringing together players who emerged from the entity and others who were attracted by the project.

Throughout 42 minutes, soccer players like Celeste Vidal, Emili Bautista, Miah Zuazua, Alondra Gurrola and many more, narrate their beginnings in women’s football, the effort they make every morning to travel to training, the money their families have to invest to support them and how they overcome all kinds of economic obstacles to continue fighting to appear in Mexican football.

Alejandra de la Vega, owner of the team, also speaks in the documentary and acknowledges the work that is being done to lay the foundations for a project that they hope will grow in the coming years.

Karen González, like her classmates, makes it clear that soccer does not give them a living, that salaries are still low, and that many of her classmates earn more in other jobs than they do as players.

This team becomes vitally important to stand out and challenge the harsh reality faced by an entity that was known for the wave of disappearances and murders of women.

FIFA hopes that the story of these girls can be inspiring for all those seeking a place in the Women’s League.

The documentary can be seen for free at the following link:

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