FIFA will pay $480,000 to Cruz Azul for its World Cup teams

The Club Benefits Program will benefit the Machine due to the participation of Antuna, Rodríguez and Estrada, as well as Alvarado, Romo and Pineda

The FIFA will pay to Blue Cross the corresponding financial compensation for the three team players who participated in the last world Cupas well as three other former footballers of the team who were also in Qatar 2022as part of the Club Benefits Program.

The approximate amount you will receive Blue Cross is 300 thousand dollars (about 5.7 million pesos at today’s exchange rate) for participation in the world from Ecuadorian michael estrada and the mexicans carlos rodriguez Y Uriel Antunaas well as another 180 thousand USD (3.4 million pesos) for the former players of La Máquina, Orbelin Pineda, Robert Alvarado Y louis romowho came with the Tricolor to Qatar 2022.

Contrary to the versions disseminated regarding the fact that the cement club would not have submitted the documentation to the world soccer governing body to be part of the Club Benefits Program (FIFA Clubs Benefits Program), ESPN has been able to confirm through FIFA that the cement club did “satisfactorily complete the requirements of the Program” to be able to collect money for its World Cup.

The positive response from FIFA was received by the cement board through an email from the Professional Football Relations and Development department (FIFA Professional Football Relations and Development) last Wednesday, January 4, according to the sources consulted by ESPN.

FIFA specified that the payment to Blue Cross and the rest of the teams MX League who contributed selected for the world Cup It will be carried out by the member association, in this case the Mexican Football Federation (FMF).

The FIFA Club Benefits Program It is an initiative of the organization to distribute the profits of the world Cup and recognize the contribution of the clubs that loan their players for the qualified national teams.

According to official information from FIFAafter Qatar 2022 The Program will distribute 209 million dollars among all the clubs that contributed at least one footballer to the worldregardless of whether they have played or not, with an estimated payment of 10 thousand dollars per selected for each day of competition plus the official preparation period prior to the world Cupwhich corresponds to eight days.

The Program distributes the money to all the clubs in which a player has been registered in the two years prior to the world in progress.

In this way, the Club Benefit Program it has earmarked 180,000 dollars per footballer for those who were left out in the Group Phase; 220,000 USD for the Round of 16 Phase; 280 thousand USD for Rooms; 320,000 USD for the Semifinals and 370,000 USD for those who reached the Final, since they were concentrated for a period of 37 days with the teams of Argentina and France to Qatar 2022.

Why will Cruz Azul receive 300 thousand dollars for its three World Cup teams and another 180 thousand USD for former players?

In accordance with the Club Benefits Program policy of the FIFAeach team receives the money corresponding to each of the players who attended the world Cup as long as said footballer has been registered with the benefactor club for the two years prior to the worldin this case 2021 and 2022.

The calculation is equivalent to 66.7 percent of the total money for the club that had the player in 2022 and 33.3 percent in 2021, although there are teams that had the national team throughout the period (2021 and 2022) and therefore They receive the full financial amount.

In the case of Blue Crossthe Mexican World Cup carlos rodriguez Y Uriel Antuna They only participated in 2022 with the cement team, which is why USD 120,000 of the corresponding 180,000 dollars for each one will be paid to the sky-blue club, while the remaining 60,000 of each item will go to their former teams: Rayados, in the case of Charlieand Chivas, for the ‘Warlock’ Antuna.

with the Ecuadorian michael estradaas only the last semester was registered with Blue Crossthe figure for the cement club is USD 60,000, the same amount that his former team will charge in 2022, DC United of the MLS, and also Toluca, where the 26-year-old striker played in 2021, in such a way that FIFA disburses the 180 thousand dollars corresponding to this player among all the clubs where he was registered in the last two years.

Also, Blue Cross will receive 60,000 dollars for each World Cup player who has belonged to the team in this period, with which Orbelin Pineda, Robert Alvarado Y louis romo they will leave the celestial institution a total of 180 thousand USD for having played all of 2021 with the club, beyond the fact that in 2022 the three changed teams.

money you will pay FIFA to Cruz Azul for the Club Benefit Program behind the world:

Current players:

carlos rodriguez / 120 thousand USD

Uriel Antuna / 120 thousand USD

michael estrada / 60 thousand USD


Subtotal / 300 thousand USD

Former players:

louis romo / 60 thousand USD

Robert Alvarado / 60 thousand USD

Orbelin Pineda / 60 thousand USD


Subtotal / 180 thousand USD

Grand total / 480 thousand USD

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