Fifth season of El imitador at the Infanta Isabel Theater

The Infanta Elizabeth Theater hosts the premiere of the fifth season of the copycat. this is how it comes Julian Fontalvoa true phenomenon, which is a great success both in Madrid and in different parts of the world. It premiered on September 27 and will be held every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

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Fifth season of The Copycat

Fifth season of ‘The imitator’

Julián Fontalvo returns to Madrid after traveling more than 50,000 km this past year with his “specialty act” in which he imitates 21 emblematic voices in the history of music in just 8 minutes. A number that has been part of the show LIO LAS VEGAS, LIO LAS MIKONOS, CHAMELEON LONDON, TUCAN MIAMI as well as numerous appearances on the most exclusive stages in Europe.

The fifth season of the copycat It is a show that has become internationally known and that celebrities such as Rafa Nadal have been able to enjoy at his wedding, Michael Douglas and Cathering Zeta Jones in New York, Ron Denis or Roger Taylor in London, and at LIO IBIZA artists such as George Michael, Shakira, Johnny Depp, Leonardo di Caprio, Cristiano Ronaldo, Anne Hathaway, Michael Jordan Will Smith, or Emilio and Gloria Estefan have been able to enjoy his talent.

Infanta Elizabeth Theater
Photo from “The Copycat” (Yellowmedia)

The power of music in memories

In the fifth season of the copycatJulian goes one step further. In this one man show, Julián gets into the skin of 15 different characters that are part of his history and imitates 70 artists that are part of the history of music and, at the same time, of our history, since It is a personal journey for each viewer, who will recreate the soundtrack of their life.

The art of imitating others is also the art of being oneself among ample resources, while still searching for new possibilities. Because Julián Fontalvo has only just begun, with all kinds of shows waiting for him in a more-difficult-yet full of successes. Evident promise on this occasion will be the boards of the Teatro Infanta Isabel which hosts the fifth season of the copycat from September 27. A unique opportunity to see the artist’s chameleonic versatility in Madrid, where he will do a resident season that he will combine with his other international commitments and his incorporation into the new Tick Tick Boom musical! with music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson.

In the Infanta Isabel Theater (C. del Barquillo, 24) from €16

Artistic sheet:

Written and performed by: Julian Fontalvo
Address: Jesus Garcia
Production: Yellowmedia SL
Scenography: Robert of Art
Illumination design: Ezequiel Nobili
Sound design and musical arrangements: Paul Navarro
Locker room: Julian Fontalvo.
Graphic designer: Borja Arreo


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