film by Elena Ferrante wins the Gotham Awards

Who starts well … The race for the 2022 Oscars, which will end with the Oscar Night on March 27 (pandemic permitting), began on November 29 in New York. With the awarding of the Gotham Awards, the independent film award delivered in the Big Apple. To triumph in the night was Maggie Gyllenhaal with her The dark daughter (original title The Lost Daughter), based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante (E / O).

Maggie Gyllenhaal and her protagonist Dakota Johnson on the red carpet of the Gotham Awards 2021, the New York critics’ prize that kicked off the Oscar race in 2022. The Oscar Night will be on March 27, meanwhile The Lost Daughter has won 4 very important awards : and the film is based on the book of our Elena Ferrante. Getty photo

Gotham Awards 2021: all the Dark Daughter awards

The film won 4 awards. The most important. And yes, the Oscar Race really started on the red carpet and in the halls of Cipriani Wall Street. The race for the 2022 Oscars. The film, produced by Netflix, will also be released in theaters in March. And of the past Gotham winners, many have also triumphed at the Oscars. Nomadland, Moonlight, Birdman between these…

Because there is also a bit of Italy in The Lost Daughter

Let’s remember, therefore, not to cheer alone It was the hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino. If this is the film that Italy has chosen as its candidate in the Best International Film category, too The dark daughter flies (in part) the national flag. The story is written by our most mysterious and internationally loved writer. In Hollywood, among the stars, Ferrante’s Bookclubs are wasted and have A-list followers. From Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts down. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s film, his first as a director, won the Best Screenplay Award at the 2021 Venice Film Festival.

the lost daughter maggie gyllenhaal

The director (44) at the premiere of The Lost Daughter / The dark daughter at the Venice Film Festival 2021, with her brother Jake (41). The film won the Screenplay Award. ANSA photo

Maggie Gyllenhaal: the future Oscar winner speech?

The Los Daugher she won 4 of the 5 awards she was nominated for. And what do you think? Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Lead Actress (Olivia Colman). Already by Oscar the speech of the triumphant (adjective ofHollywood Reporter): «It’s expensive to make films. Movies cost a lot of money. You can write them, but someone has to turn them over afterwards. The question then is: what is truly the most precious and important thing? Are women who tell stories of real women important? Is ours art? And how much does this interest men? I mean, seeing women on screen who look like their wives, sisters and mothers? I think the list of award-winning films here tonight is the answer: yes, fucking yes. “

maggie gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal with the rest of the film team, at the Gotham Awards: to hold the awards won is Peter Sarsgaard, husband of the debut actress / director. Getty photo

Gotham Awards 2021: all the winners, from Kristen Stewart to Squid Game

Self The dark daughter won the 4 most important prizes, the other winners of the New York evening were: Kristen Stewart (honorary award for Spencer, delivered to her by Julianne Moore) And The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion.

kristen stewart gotham awards

Kristen Stewart, Lifetime Achievement Award for Spencer Lead (we’ll see him in January). Getty photo

Then, between cinema and TV, they won Flee by Jonas Poher Rasmussen (documentary). Drive My Car by Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Best international film: ma It was the hand of God was not a candidate). Frankie Faison for The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain shared the actor award (Gotham no longer distinguish by genre). Troy Kotsur is Best Supporting Actor for TAIL for which Emilia Jones also won.

For TV they have won the Korean record waste Squid Game, Reservation Dogs, Philly DA, Ethan Hawke (per The Good Lord Bird) and Thuso Mbedu for The Underground Railroad.

The dark daughter: plot, protagonists and conflicting reviews

The theme is that of motherhood. Of the difficulty of feeling like “devoted” mothers. Why does the English woman (Colman), on vacation alone in Greece, look so closely at the young mother (Johnson) on the beach? What do his gaze and his attentions hide? What was your experience as a mother? What does it hide in its past?

venice festival 2021 film in competition the lost daughter

Olivia Colman (also awarded) in a scene from the film

The ultimate taboo

The brave theme sparked conflicting opinions at the festival. Telling the conflictual relationship between a woman and her motherhood (father / daughter, above all), is perhaps still a taboo. The fact that the film was promoted by the male audience and made the female one unsatisfied is already an answer… Maybe. As in a mirror, a mother always confronts her daughter. Director deb tells us about it with a very physical, sensual style. Pure instinct … Too “masculine”? After all, Elena Ferrante is not an easy writer to transfer to the screen: she has been like that since the time of Troubling love by Mario Martone …

venice festival 2021 maggie gyllenhaal awards ceremony

On the red carpet of the Venice78 awards ceremony, with the Lion won for Best Direction. Getty photo

Maggie Gyllenhall presented her first film as director at the Venice Film Festival 2021. Shot in Greece (in the book, the setting is Italian), it stars Oscar winner Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson (she accompanied her director at the Gotham Awards ceremony) and the very young revelation Jessie Buckley. Add Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie’s longtime husband / collaborator / accomplice (see them in the gallery below) …


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