Film music producers respond to criticism of controversial Bill Maher

‘Barbie’ has been a stupendous success in cinemas, With the bill raising $382 million worldwide in its first 4 days, Greta Gerwig became the director with the best opening for a female director in the United States.

As if this wasn’t enough, her long-term box office achievements are breaking records as the days go by and, after seeing how ‘Barbie’ beat the best installment of ‘Harry Potter’ to enter the top 100 most Dropped out of grossing films. Time, Its gross of over 1,000 million in just three weeks places the title at number forty-three on the list, and it is quite likely that, when it completes its run in theatres, it will be among the ten most successful productions ever released. Will be one of ,,

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But, like any great triumph, the attention it attracted drew all kinds of criticism. if we add to this We’re talking about a brilliantly absurd comedy that dares to be the first to reap the benefits of feminism’s fight against problems generated by patriarchy, using Mattel’s pink image as an excuse.Even before its premiere, the voices raised against him were reassured.

Music producer Mark Ronson sarcastically explains, “We come to this place for the magic.” “We come to AMC theaters to laugh, cry, care…and Rapidly googleing ‘metal executive setup’ while others try to enjoy some great comedy,

The response, which paraphrases Nicole Kidman’s now-iconic ad for the AMC theater chain, is Ronson’s response to a lengthy comment by Bill Maher, the hit host of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ who immersed himself in X (The Social Network). Spent an afternoon here. formerly known as Twitter) breaks down all the problems that come with a doll for girls as the protagonist in the pink satire.

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“I hoped it wouldn’t be a self-righteous, misogynistic and zombie gag, but unfortunately it was all three,” Maher says in his lengthy commentary, in which, in short, he says that this comedy is whatever it says it is. False because, currently, Mattel’s board of directors (which continues to rake in the money its product makes) is made up of seven men and five women, not just men as the Gerwig party represents. When he learns that the CEO of the company is not Will Ferrell, he will fall off his chair.,

Ronson’s response, winning an Oscar for composing ‘Shallow’, the original song from ‘A Star Is Born’ (Bradley Cooper, 2018), settled much of the perceived criticism of this brilliant and consciously silly comedy. Can do. A misguided guide to feminist practice. ‘Barbie’ is not “anti-male”, its message is positive and if we look at the reactions at the moment it is sadly offensive, but ‘Barbie’ is, and we must not ignore it, a raunchy comedy with which the theaters are turned into a party. what was already needed,


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