Film series and debate for “Thinking Health” in the Paraná Medical Circle

Paraná Medical Circle invites you to the new edition of the film-debate series “Thinking Health”. The first meeting will be held this Wednesday at 7 pm in the organization’s auditorium room, located at 1135 Urquiza Street. Free activity.

The objective of the proposal is to create conversations about health through the projection of films that serve as a trigger to promote debate and reflection from different medical and ethical perspectives and open space for exchange with the public with the help of various professionals. Works as.

The series will begin this Wednesday at 7 pm with the screening of “100 meters” and the intervention will be led by the neurologist Gaston Rudé. Based on a true story, it tells the case of a man suffering from multiple sclerosis who decides to train to participate in an Ironman.

It is to be noted that the screening will take place in the auditorium hall of the Medical Circle, which was completely renovated before the pandemic, with a capacity of 200 people.


20 September: 100 meters (2016), intervention by Gaston Rudé, neurologist.

It tells the story of Ramon (Dani Rovira) who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Although doctors assured him that he would never walk again, he decided to train to participate in the Ironman. Based on a true story. Directed by Marcel Barrena, 1 hr 49 min / Comedy-Drama / +12

27 September: The Hardest Decision (2014), intervention by Virginia Gilly, hematologist and Cucare staff.

A family’s lives change when they discover that their daughter Kate has leukemia and decide to have another girl in order to donate her organs, leading to a moral and legal conflict. Starring Cameron Diaz. Directed by Nick Cassavetes, 1 hr 49 min / Drama / +13

On October 4: Cake, a reason to live (2015), intervention by pain specialist Dr. Yanina Kuhn.

Claire (Jennifer Aniston) struggles with chronic pain and severe depression while becoming obsessed with finding the cause of the suicide of a young woman named Nina, who was part of her support group. Directed by Daniel Barnz, 1 hr 42 min / Drama / +18

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